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    Washing machines with Allergy care


    If you or anyone in your house has sensitive skin or allergies, the anti-allergic programme will become one of your favourite features. By using extra rinses at the end of wash it removes all traces of dust, pollen and pet fur – so you can breathe easy and feel comfortable in your freshly washed clothing and bedding.


    Safe for children’s clothes

    We all want our little ones to feel comfortable in their clothes. Allergy care cycle removes dust, pollen and other irritants to leave even those cute onesie’s squeaky clean and germ-free. Now there’ll be no more sensitive skin or sneezes.

    Relief from allergies

    Whether it's pollen or dust, the allergy care cycle delves deep into fabrics to wash away nasties and keep those symptoms at bay.

    It uses higher temperatures and extra rinses to leave laundry super hygienic, so you can relax.

    Perfect for pet lovers

    If you love giving your pets belly rubs and chin scratches, but hate the sniffles that come afterwards, an allergy care cycle can help. It'll wash away dander trapped inside fabrics to help you breathe easy. So go ahead - cuddle to your heart's content.

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    Hard on dirt and easy on fabrics

    With LG’s Steam+™ function, your items will get some extra TLC. Using water and heat to kill off 99.9% of allergens, this clever tech is approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Not only does this make it more hygienic and kinder to sensitive skin, but it also reduces those pesky creases by 30% too. Now you can sit back and relax, knowing everything from your workout clothes to your baby’s bibs are free from any lingering nasties – and you get to spend less time at the ironing board. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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    Also look out for…


    Wave goodbye to irritated skin with the Hygiene + programme. It gives your laundry a deep clean by washing at a steady 60°C for the entire cycle, killing off any lingering germs and bacteria. So, if your furry friend is making you sneeze and itch, don’t fret – pop your clothes in the wash and then relax in comfort.

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    Allergy Smart

    If you’ve got sensitive skin or suffer from seasonal sniffles, Sharp’s Allergy Smart programme is just what you need. It uses a little bit more water to completely dissolve detergent and get rid of allergens during the wash and rinse cycles. That way, it can give your laundry a really thorough clean and you can wear your clothes knowing there's no pollen or cleaning chemicals lurking in the fibres.

    Hygiene Plus

    Hygiene Plus makes sure your bedding and clothes are always perfectly clean by removing all the nasties you can’t see. The temperature is kept constant, with cycles at 40°C or 60°C, and it adds an extra spin at the end to banish 99.99% of germs and dust mites for good. That’s a sigh of relief for allergy sufferers! 

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    Hygiene Steam

    Not only does Hygiene Steam free your clothes from stains, it blasts away everything you can’t see too. Steam is released into the drum to remove 99.9% of bacteria, along with pollen and dust mites*. So, your favourite outfits will look amazing and be a lot kinder to your skin.

    *Testing done by Intertek on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli and Dermatophagoides farinae Hughes, on 100% cotton, 3kg load, with standard powder detergent. Individual results may vary.

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