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    Cooker Hood Measurement Guide

    Get an inch perfect fit for your new cooker hood with some sage advice from our handy guide. From what you’ll need to consider to how to measure up, we’ve got you covered.

    Things you need to consider

    The first thing you’ll need to consider when measuring for a new cooker hood is size. We’d always recommend matching the size of your hood with the size of your hob, this way you’ll be sure to have a smoke and odour free kitchen. You’ll also want to measure from the top of your cooker or worktop upwards to the bottom of your cabinet or ceiling to make sure your cooker hood will fit. Make sure you take into account the hot zone, which we recommend as being 75cm. Finally, you’ll want to make sure the extractor rate of the hood will match the size of your kitchen.

    How to measure

    Integrated cooker hood

    Built in

    Built-in cooker hoods are small, compact and perfect for smaller kitchens. You'll need to make sure that the width matches the width of your hob. Watch our handy video here for more on how to measure.

    Visor cooker hood


    A visor cooker hood is ideal for smaller kitchens. You need to make sure that the width of the cooker hood matches the width of your hob. Watch our handy video here for more.

    Canopy cooker hood


    Canopy hoods, or telescopic hoods, are a good fit if you have limited space. Make sure that the hood can extend to at least the same width as your hob. Watch our video here to find out more.

    Chimney cooker hood


    Chimney cooker hoods vary in size so you can get the perfect fit for your kitchen. For the best results, always make sure that the chimney hood you buy is at least the same width as your hob. Watch our video here to find out more.

    Ceiling cooker hood

    Ceiling hoods

    These nifty hoods sit flush with your ceiling, meaning they’re well out the way if you prefer that minimal clean look. Ceiling hoods should always be the same size width as your hob. Watch our video here for more.

    Island cooker hood


    Island cooker hoods are the perfect fit if your hob is installed on a kitchen island. Always make sure that the hood is at least the same width as the hob.

    Downdraft cooker hood


    Going for a downdraft extractor? These are a little different to other types of hoods and will need some extra considerations. Check out this short video here for more info.

    What is a good extraction rate for cooker hoods?

    Another important thing to think about is the rate of extraction your kitchen needs from a cooker hood. You’ll want to make sure your new hood can easily ventilate your whole kitchen. It’s easy to work out the rate you should be looking for, just follow these steps:

    • Measure the height, width and depth of your kitchen in metres.
    • Multiply all these numbers together to find out the volume of your kitchen (Height x Width x Depth = Volume).
    • Now times this number by 10 to find the rate of extraction (Volume x 10 = Rate of extraction (m³/h))

    When you’re looking at cooker hoods, look for the model’s rate of extraction under the Key Information tab on our product pages. If the two figures are similar, then it’s a match made in heaven!

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