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Do I need to upgrade my laptop?

Four tell-tale signs that your laptop isn’t up to scratch.

All good things must come to an end, and eventually you'll need to upgrade your trusty laptop. Whether it's slowing down, going out of style or been through the wars, here are some tell-tale signs that you need to replace your tech.

I need more power!

New laptops get increasingly powerful every year to keep up with more demanding software. If your current model struggles to run even basic programs, you may want to think about upgrading. Whether you want your new laptop to be faster, smarter or have a bit more storage space, the latest models are definitely up to scratch!

Photo and video editors will want to keep an eye out for models with a speedy i7 processor, while hardcore gamers should set their sights on our killer range of gaming laptops and PCs - perfect for handling any challenge with ease.

I need a new operating system

If your laptop is picking up viruses easily, or taking ages to load up apps and programs, you need a laptop with an up-to-date operating system. New models work perfectly with the latest OS – so they’re quicker, more secure and packed with loads of fancy features.

You might be hanging on to Windows 7 or 8, or even kicking it old-school with Windows 95, but the latest OS takes all the features you know and love and enhances them. Windows 10 is super quick and secure, and it gets frequent updates so your laptop will always be at its best. If you still need a bit of convincing, check out this article for more information on Windows 10.

My laptop is slow

When you’re talking about laptops, slow and steady won’t win you any races. Old laptops can sometimes take 5 minutes to move the mouse across the screen or what feels like hours to load up videos. Instead of watching that annoying buffering symbol go round and round, why not upgrade? New models handle any kind of task quicker, so you’ll have more time to watch all those cute dog videos over and over again.

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My laptop is faulty

Even small issues like a cracked screen or a fiddly keyboard have a huge impact on your laptop’s performance. If you’ve been typing without your ‘M’ key for years, or your caps lock is jammed on, it’s probably a sign that you need to treat yourself to a fancy new model.

If 'ol' reliable' is past the point of repair, there's a laptop out there to suit you. It doesn't matter if you're only interested in streaming and browsing the web, or you need a model to scratch that gaming itch, we've got something for everyone.

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