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    My TV picture keeps freezing

    It’s really annoying when you’re enjoying the latest must-watch TV series and just as it gets really good, the picture freezes. That, or it becomes pixelated or distorted. Don’t start looking for a new model just yet. These easy solutions will get your TV behaving itself again, so you can carry on watching your favourites.

    How's your signal?

    The signal around your local area might be weak, so this might be causing some trouble with your picture. You can check the coverage around your area here. If it says you should have a good signal but you’re still having problems, you might need to retune your digital box or TV. Our handy how-to guide below will tell you everything you need to know.

    Retune your TV

    If there’s been some bad weather conditions like heavy rain or strong winds, this may also interfere with your signal. The best solution for this is to give your TV and connected devices a quick reset. Turn them off, wait about 30 seconds and turn them on again.

    Check your connection

    The issue may lie with the cables at the back of your TV. If they aren’t properly connected then it can cause problems with the picture. Unplug the cables connecting the TV to your device, wait about 30 seconds and then plug them back in. Make sure that they’re fully inserted into both the TV and your devices, and that they don’t feel loose.

    Call the manufacturer

    If the picture on your TV is still freezing, then take a look in your product manual. That will have detailed solutions that are specific to your model. If you can’t find the answer there, give the manufacturer a call. They’ll be able to give you the guidance to sort out your issue. Check out the link below to find the number for your TV manufacturer.