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Mac basics for Windows users

Learn some simple tips and tricks with our handy guide.

If you’ve made the move from a Windows laptop to Mac, we’ll help you take the first steps in this exciting new world. We’ll show you some features that’ll be completely new to you, from the pre-installed software to linking it up with your iPhone.

Some basic differences

So your swanky new Mac looks different to your old Windows laptop right? Change is a good thing, but it does take a bit of getting used to. Here are some things you should know about straight off the bat:

  • Your applications appear in the Dock at the bottom of the screen. Simply click an icon to open an app up and away you go!
  • To right-click, hold the Control key down and click. Use this to cut, copy and paste to your heart’s content.
  • See a magnifying glass in the top right? That’s Spotlight, a really handy tool that lets you look for apps, documents and even flight times you’ve booked. Just treat it like a search engine and type in what you’re looking for. It couldn’t be easier!

Trackpad tips and tricks

The trackpad in front of you is pretty magic. It knows how many fingers you’re using and there’s a whole range of different commands you can do:

  • Remember the right-click step from before? If you want, you can simply press the trackpad with two fingers instead.
  • To scroll through websites and articles, drag two fingers up or down the trackpad.
  • If you want to zoom in on photos, pinch two fingers together. To zoom out, move them apart.
  • Swipe three fingers up the trackpad to show all the apps you have open, making it super easy to switch between whatever you want to use.

Using it with your iPhone

Prepare for that job interview wherever you are using the Handoff feature. Start work on your Mac, then move it to your iPhone if you need to nip out.

Plus, when your devices are near each other, copy something like a recipe from your Mac, then paste it to your iPhone when you’re ready to cook up a storm. Nailed it!

Pre-installed software on your Mac

Whether you want to work, play or a combination of the two, your Mac is packed with everything you need. Pages, Keynote and Numbers will handle all your office jobs when you need to put your serious face on. When it’s time to unwind, rock out with GarageBand, download a film from iTunes or star in your own iMovie.