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How to speed up a laptop

We’ll help you speed your laptop up in a few simple steps.

If your laptop is starting to slow down, it could be because you need to update old software, uninstall some programs you don’t use anymore or remove a virus. We’ve got some quick and easy fixes to help give your tech a tune up.

Good computing habits to get into

Here are some little things you can do with your laptop that will have a big effect:

  • Empty your laptop's recycle bin. We move stuff here all the time but you actually have to manually delete it to free up space on your device.
  • Remember to turn your computer off. We’d recommend doing this every few days to give your computer a little reset now and again.
  • Keep your laptop’s air vents clear. If they get clogged up with dust and dirt, it can seriously affect your computer’s performance. You can find the air vents at the back or sides of your laptop, simply give them a gentle brush and it should do the job.

Update your laptop's software

Updating software can be a pain, because it can take up precious time. It’s super important that you keep all your software up-to-date because not only does it fix any bugs from the previous version, it helps your laptop run quicker and a lot smoother.

Most pieces of software and applications will tell you when they need updating, so don’t put it off any longer and let it do its thing!

Get rid of any unused programs

Your laptop uses up processing power when you have more programs installed, so it can slow down after a while. There’s bound to be some games or trial versions of software you haven’t touched in ages, so uninstalling it will help your laptop speed up.

Just right click the software you want to ditch and select Uninstall or Delete. Or you can drag it over to your recycling bin – but remember to empty it every now and again!

Install anti-virus software

It’s pretty easy to get a virus on your computer, whether you find yourself downloading some dodgy software or accidentally clicking suspicious adverts. Sometimes you won’t realise a virus is there, but it can slow down your laptop and really affect the performance by corrupting some parts of it.

We stock a range of awesome anti-virus products that can tell if your computer has a virus and get rid of it for you. Plus, it'll also detect potential viruses when you're browsing the internet, downloading software or shopping online.

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