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Do I Still Need a CD Drive?

Find out why you no longer need an optical disc drive and discover what alternatives there are available with our helpful guide.

The Optical Disc Drive (or ODD as it’s sometimes known as) is the part of your computer or laptop that you put your CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays into, to watch movies or look at photos. The advances in online cloud storage and the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and iPlayer, means that the disc drive is fast becoming extinct.

Removing the CD drive means that modern computers are lighter, more portable and super slim. About 80% of Microsoft computers alone have ditched the disc drive and embraced more streamlined and usable designs.

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Why disk drives are now an endangered species

One of the main reasons why disc drives have been removed from laptops is because of their weight. By removing them, your device becomes less chunky and easier to carry around.

Plus, software companies now offer you the option to download your purchases, rather than having the disc delivered to you. Software downloads are instant, and they save you from littering your house with multiple CD’s with out of date software on them.

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Open up to a 
whole new world

You can now use the internet to save and share photos, videos and files with other people. This is easier and faster compared to putting these kinds of files on a disc. You can use cloud storage options to safely store all your documents, and access them on any device you want, whenever you want.

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As for films and music, streaming services are the future, with instant delivery and vast libraries of content available. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes or Spotify, watching content online instead of using discs opens up masses of choice.If you do still need access to CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays, then there are a range of external disc drives available. These devices plug in through a USB port and do all the things that an ODD does, so it’s a great option if you feel you’re not ready to completely relinquish your disc drive just yet!

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Still not 

Don’t worry – we stock some great laptops from top brands including Lenovo, Acer and Asus that still have built-in CD drives. You can browse the full range of products here.

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