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Why do I need antivirus?

Find out all about the benefits of antivirus software and why it’s essential for your family’s computers, laptops and tablets.

Protect your devices and stay secure online with antivirus software. Our helpful article explains all the benefits of downloading antivirus, from parental controls to technology that’ll keep your passwords safe and sound. So whether you like to shop online or your kids love to surf the web, your whole family will be safe from viruses, fraud and inappropriate content.

What is Antivirus software?

If your computer or tablet gets a virus, it can crash your system and delete all those precious documents and photographs. Viruses can be picked up really easily. Whether it’s from accidentally clicking on a pop-up or a spam email, they can very quickly take over your computer and damage your files. Antivirus software can protect you from this. It works to stop viruses taking over your devices by detecting any suspicious activity and blocking it. So you can surf the internet without worrying about picking up anything nasty.

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Protection for the whole family

Parental controls will give you full control of what your family access online. You can’t always be around when your children are exploring the web, but you’ll want to know that what they’re doing is safe and fun for them. Most antivirus packages come with parental controls that let you choose what your family can and can’t see, protecting them from any harmful content. Using parental controls also allows you to limit their time spent on the internet, ideal for leaving them to get on with their homework without any distractions!

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Back up your files

Just like you would have kept copies of your important documents and photographs in the past, it’s really important to do the same with the files on your computer. Some antivirus software comes with cloud storage that lets you back up all your precious photos and documents safely online. You can still access and edit them easily, but you can relax knowing that if something happened to your computer, your files will be safe and secure.

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Keep private details private

Some malicious software is designed to steal your personal details and passwords, with a view to using them for fraud or accessing your bank account. Anti-spyware tech is an important feature of antivirus software, and it prevents fraud by detecting any suspicious activity and blocking it – keeping you in the loop about suspect log-ins or purchases. This sort of protection means that you can log in to your online banking and book those holiday flights and concert tickets without worrying about putting in your payment details.

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Never forget a password again

From online shopping to logging into your social media accounts, you use lots of different passwords every single day. It can often be tricky to remember which password you use for which account. With some antivirus software you’ll get password management, which remembers your passwords for you and keeps them encrypted and super secure. So you don’t have to rack your brains trying to remember which password you’ve used every time you log in to an account!

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