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My DVD player won’t read DVDs

If your DVD player is just sat gathering dust because it can no longer read your DVD’s, don’t panic. We’ve got some really easy ways to get it working again, just like it’s supposed to.

Try other DVDs

It’s a good idea to try using multiples DVDs to try and determine where the fault is. If you find that all your DVDs aren’t working, the problem will be with your DVD player. If it’s only one or two discs that won’t load properly, then the issue will be with those particular DVDs.

There are a couple of reasons why your DVD player may not load some of your DVDs. If there’s dust or dirt on the DVD, the device might have trouble reading it. Give the disc a quick clean with a dry cloth and try putting it in the DVD player again.

If there are scratches on the DVD, there’s a household remedy to help solve your problem. Get your hands on some window cleaner and spray a little bit on the underside of the DVD. Wipe it away with a soft cloth to smooth over any scratched areas on the disc. Once it’s dry, test your DVD again to see if this has worked.

Check your cables

If you’ve tried multiple DVDs and it’s still misbehaving, the problem may lie with your DVD player’s connections. Turn off your device and check the wires at the back. Some cables are colour-coded, so make sure each connector is in the port with the same colour. The wires should be fully inserted into the TV and the DVD player, and they shouldn’t be loose at either end. All you need to do now is turn on the device and test it with a DVD.

Contact the manufacturer

If you’re still struggling to watch your DVDs, then there may be something wrong with the device itself. Check your manual for specific solutions for your model. If the answer isn’t there, the next thing to do is to contact the manufacturer. They’ll talk through the steps to get your DVD player working again, and you’ll be watching your favourite films in no time.