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The sound on my DVD player isn’t working

It’s pretty annoying when you sit down to watch a film, and the sound on your DVD player stops working. There could be a number of reasons why your DVDs are having audio problems. Luckily, we’ve got a few simple ideas to get everything working again.

Is it muted?

This is an obvious one, but someone might have muted your TV and not realised it. Not all TVs have a mute symbol on the screen so it can be an easy one to miss. To check, press the Mute button on your remote and see if the sound comes back on. If not, press it again to set it back to normal.

Check other DVDs

There may be a problem with the actual DVD you are trying to watch. If there’s dirt, scratches or any other marks on the disc, it could cause an issue when the DVD player attempts to read it. Try using another DVD to see where the fault is. If the sound works on some discs and not others, then there’s a quick fix to get your DVDs back to normal.

To clear your DVDs of any dust or dirt, run a dry cloth over it. It may sound unusual, but window cleaner can help fix scratches on the disc. Give it a quick spray and wipe to smooth over any marks. Once it’s dry, put the disc back in the DVD player and see if that’s fixed your problem.

Check your connections

If you’re still not hearing any sound from your DVDs, the problem may lie with the cables linking your DVD player to your TV. If these aren’t properly connected, it can cause issues with the picture and sound. On some older models, the cables are colour-coded so make sure that each connector is plugged into the correct port. The cables should be fully inserted and shouldn’t feel loose at either end.

Call the manufacturer

If the sound on your DVD player still isn’t working, the product manual will have specific solutions to help you out. Alternatively, the manufacturer’s helpline will be able to give you guidance to get the sound back on your DVD player. Check out the link below to find the number for your manufacturer’s helpline.