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    How to clean your laptop

    Cleaning your laptop is really simple. Make sure it's performing at its best with our quick cleaning guide.

    We've all done it... Ate a bag of crisps or indulged in the biscuits while typing up an essay or presentation. The result? Greasy fingerprints, and crumbs stuck between the keys. The truth is, this isn't the only reason you should be cleaning your laptop. From the screen to the fan, keep reading to find out all our tips on how to clean your laptop so it's running at its best.

    Disclaimer: power off

    Before you start any cleaning, make sure to turn your laptop off and unplug it from any cables.

    Get cleaning!

    A dirty computer screen that's ruining the view of your game, your keyboard being full of crumbs - both signs you need to give your laptop a clean. Watch our handy video to find out how to safely give your laptop a quick clean.

    To get started, all you’ll need is:

    - a microfibre cloth

    - a cotton bud

    Cleaning your laptop's fan

    When your laptop is starting to sound louder than usual, that may be a sign that the fan needs a clean. It's a little harder to do, but still a job that you can do by yourself.

    Once your laptop is off and disconnected from any power, with a little help from a screwdriver, take off the bottom panel of your laptop. You should then be able to see the fan. Just hold the fan still while you clean it with a dry, clean cloth, and gently blow on it to get to the remaining dust particles. Finally, give all the vents a quick wipe over and close your laptop back up.

    Disclaimer: It's important that when inside the laptop, you don't pull out the fan or any other parts, as they may not be easy to put back into the laptop.

    How often does your laptop need cleaning?

    It's recommended that you clean your laptop every three to six months. If you're still noticing dirt and dust build up after you've recently cleaned it, then you may want to clean it more often.

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