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    All the keyboard shortcuts you need to know

    Find out all the best shortcuts for your laptop or PC

    In today's world we think we're pretty clued up with our laptops and PCs, but there's probably still some really handy keyboard shortcuts that you could do with knowing. You don't need to go back and forth between docs copying and pasting different sections of text, and there's also a really easy way to type in the euro sign on a British keyboard. Keep reading to find out all the best shortcuts.

    How to type in the euro sign on a keyboard

    It's only when we come to need it, do we realise that our keyboards don't have a euro sign. Sigh. Well, you don't need to hunt high and low to find out how to type it in, it's really simple.

    On Windows, hold down Ctrl + Alt + 4

    And, the euro shortcut on mac is Option + Shift + 2

    Other handy shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts for Windows

    From minimising all your tabs in one go to showing your copied clipboard, watch this quick video to find out some helpful keyboard shortcuts that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

    Keyboard shortcuts for Mac

    One for the uni students - did you know there's a simple shortcut to find a definition of a word? Lifesaver. Or that there's a really quick way to minimise your window. Watch this video to find out how to perform these shortcuts and more!