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    How to refill dishwasher rinse aid

    Find out what dishwasher rinse aid is and how to refill it with this handy guide

    So, we know that detergent is the soap-like stuff that cleans all the food stains off your plates. Dishwasher salt softens the water and prevents limescale build-up. What about rinse aid? We’ll explain what it is, what it does and how to refill your dishwasher rinse aid.

    What is dishwasher rinse aid?

    Despite the name rinse aid, this stuff doesn’t actually have anything to do with rinsing. Its main job is to make sure that there’s no water left behind on your dishes. More of a drying aid, really. It contains chemicals that turns water droplets into thinner sheets that roll right off the dishes. This is a clever way to prevent spots and marks on glasses and make them shinier when the wash has finished.

    How to refill dishwasher rinse aid

    Step 1

    First things first, let’s find the rinse aid dispenser. It’s normally in the door of the dishwasher, but if you’re struggling to find it, have a quick look in your product manual.

    Step 2

    Take the cap off the dispenser. Then, grab the bottle of rinse aid and gently tilt it until the rinse aid starts to flow out. Stop when the dispenser is full and be sure to wipe away any little droplets that may have snuck out.

    Step 3

    All done. Most dishwashers will automatically adjust the dosage of the rinse aid to leave your dishes and glasses sparkling. If you’re still getting marks and spots on your pots and pans, manually adjust the dosage until you get it just right.