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    How to refill dishwasher salt

    Find out what dishwasher salt is and how to refill it with this handy guide

    The whole point of a dishwasher is to clean your pots and pans. So, it can be a bit frustrating when they come out unclean. Watermarks and spots on your dishes are common – adding some dishwasher salt might just get rid of the problem.

    What is dishwasher salt?

    The key job of dishwasher salt is to make your dishes sparkle. It does this by preventing a build-up of pesky lime scale in your appliance. The clever stuff makes its way through the softener unit before being drained with the waste water. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually enter the dishwasher, so you won’t be dining on salty dishes anytime soon!

    How to refill dishwasher salt

    Before you begin, there are a few things that you will probably have around the house that will make refilling easier:

    • A measuring cup
    • A funnel

    Step 1

    First of all, you’ll have to find the dishwasher salt compartment in your dishwasher. More often than not, it’s found in the base of unit rather than the door. If you have any issues locating it, just have a quick flick through the product manual.

    Step 2

    On the label of your dishwasher salt, double check how much you should be putting in. Open the cap and begin to pour in the recommended amount of salt. Use the measuring cup to measure out and pour in through the funnel to avoid any spillages.

    Step 3

    Once added, put the cap back on where you found it. Now, run a pre-wash with the dishwasher empty - this will get rid of any lingering salt residue. It’s a good idea to keep the salt topped up, most dishwashers will have an indicator that lets you know when it’s almost empty.