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    Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner

    Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner

    Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner
    • 0.82 litre water capacity
    • Brush bar rotates to effectively lift out dirt
    • Wash and vacuum carpets at the same time for great results
    • Flexible floorhead pivots for greater manoeuvrability
    • Easy-to-use touch controls
    4.6 / 5

    Makes cleaning much easier!

    I have used many steam cleaners in the past but the CrossWave is heads and tails above the rest. After one use the difference was very noticeable. The dirty water was proof that steam cleaner pads don't pick up the dirt....just move it around. Just one small bottle of water with the Bissell cleaner managed to clean a very large space and the floors dried extremely quickly. The machine was easy to assemble and also dismantled very easily for cleaning which was an added bonus. It works well on any floor type, I use this CrossWave on wood floors, tiles and carpets and it is extremely effective and efficient, takes half the time that it did with my old steam cleaner . It is an expensive piece of equipment but the results and time saved more than justifies the price tag.

    Needs Improvement, sorry Bissell.

    I really wanted to like this, the idea is great. I tested this on all our household floors, kitchen tiles, laminate flooring and carpet. There is no attachment to get into corners or crevices so I would disagree that it is "One step Cleaning" as the box states as you have to use another gadget to do this. First of all I trialled it on our living room rug, firstly hovered then tried the wet clean, the water went on the rug but hardly any water sucked up (yet I did release the handle) so although once dried the rug did look cleaner I wonder where all the dirt went. After using it wet I had to then wash the roller out and leave it dry for 24 hours before I could use the device again to vacuum. I next tried it on the kitchen floor, it did wash it and when it dried it looked nice ,but again, not a huge amount of water was sucked back into the machine. I think this product needs a bit more work as I wouldn't call it a dry vacuum, or, wet floor cleaner as it didn't do either very well. Sorry Bissell, I love your products and have a few and this is the only one I didn't really like. The instructions also contradict themselves as on page 14 it shows you should wash out the roller end in the tray ,and the quick start instructions say to put it under the tap. I wouldn't buy this if you are looking for a stand alone vacuum or a floor washer, it needs a hose and accessories to improve.

    Super quick and easy to use product!

    I absolutely love this floor cleaner. We have wooden floors in our house which always get covered in crumbs and muck. The Bissell floor cleaner makes cleaning them much quicker and easier. Use the vacuum function first to hoover up the crumbs and then hold in the trigger to apply the water/detergent mix. Then when finished you can vacuum up the water so floors are dry almost instantly! Honestly it takes two seconds to run this over the floors and they look sparkling clean in no time! The only negative I have to say is the roller of the machine needs to be cleaned after each use. You then need to leave the roller to dry for around 24 hours before you can use the machine to dry vacuum again. Thankfully this isn’t an issue for me as I don’t deep clean the floors every single day.

    Super machine, does the hard work, instead of you!

    So glad I ditched my steam mop for this! Washes and hoovers in one go, though I would recommend hoovering up larger bits first, as this collects in the collection tank. Leaves the room smelling fresh & the floor clean, with no residue. Let the cleaner do the work! Brilliant! Highly recommended, particularly instead of steam mop, that don’t seem to last very long!

    Worth the price

    My Mum let me try hers, and I was so impressed I ordered my own. Best cleaner ever and easy to assemble, my tiles and wooden floors are squeaky clean and dry in a fraction of time it used to take me, without opening windows or straining my back.

    Time saver!

    Absolutely love this wet & dry cleaner. I can now both vacuum and mop my floors, with even better results, using this product. My laminate flooring has has come up gleaming and looks good as new. The solution that comes with the product also makes my home smell amazing and fresh. Would 100% recommend, it has saved a huge amount of my time.

    Excellent product

    Order was received promptly and in good condition. Was kept up-to-date at all stages of the order. Excellent service. Have only used the Bissell CrossWare cleaner once so far and was very impressed. It has a 2 year guarantee and if it continues to clean as it did the first time I will be a very happy and satisfied customer indeed.

    First class product and service

    Delivered when stated. Everything working great. Powerful suction left carpet nearly dry and evidence of dirt was in the dirty water It picked up. Well done AO , let's go. ??