Customer Reviews — AEG 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — AEG 59cm Induction Hob - Black

AEG IKE64441FB 59cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Detects the pan size to provide the perfect heat level
  • Quickly heats the hob to its highest temperature
  • Hob communicates with your hood for optimum extraction
  • Dimensions (cm) - H4.4 x W59 x D52
4.8 / 5

Fantastic hob

This hob is my new favourite thing in the kitchen. It cools down quickly and only heats the pan, so I no longer burn things onto the surface of the hob. Plus I can wipe it clean straight away after dinner. Power boil works faster than my kettle and the bridge function is great! I was worried that the temperature might not be easy to change quickly but it is very flexible and changes almost as easily as a gas hob. The controls are also incredibly easy to use.

Great product

Very easy to clean, stunning look. Easy to install and use.

Good but not great

I have moved over to this hob from a ceramic cooker and have already used a small single ring induction cooker which I was impressed with so in writing this review I keep comparing this hob with my previous ones. I'll start with the positives: it looks great, it's quiet even when the internal fan is on, it has separate heat controls for each ring, it has adjustable heat surface which was the main selling point for me and it boils water very fast on boost setting. The negatives: there is a massive power drop from boost to the next setting (14) and then the other smaller heat settings become completely useless. I don't understand why they put 14 different levels when there's only a tiny difference between them. My small induction cooker decreases the heat in 10% increments so I feel fully in control of the heat setting, with the AEG they might as well just had 4 settings 25, 50, 75 and 100%. Also the glass surface is very slippery so the pots keep moving and as there are no rings to mark the edge of the hearing area you have no idea where to place the pot and have to keep lifting off to see where to put it back. Does it work? Yes Am I impressed? No Would I recommend this specific model to my friends? No Would I recommend induction? Yes -it is the future but AEG need to improve on this model.

Does everything I need

This is my first induction hob and I'm not disappointed. The heat is fast and even. The high temperatures are very hot. There's also a low range that I've not found a use for. The scale is 1-14 (+a boost), but the lowest I use is generally 5. I'm giving this 4 stars (rather than 5) for only two reasons. - The hob areas aren't large enough for my largest pan. I have a 30cm frying pan, probably 26-28cm on the base, and this doesn't fit in the cooking area. - The cooking areas are marked with a cross, which means you can only tell if a pan is central by picking it up. I'm uncertain if the pan detection means it needs to be central or not though, so maybe I'm worrying needlessly. But these are just quibbles, food cooks fine regardless, even to the edges of the very large pan.

Excellent hob and great service from AO

The hob is amazing. Moved from a ceramic hob to this and it is like a dream. Responsive heat, we no longer have oans bubbling over, easy to set the heat levels too with a point or slide of your finger. Simple to install as a replacement for the old hob and looks great in situ. Some of pans have a habit of 'singing' on high power settings, but there is plenty of info in the manual to let you know that it may happen and why. This is our first induction hob and I'm really impressed.

Love this

Really happy with this hob. Needed to replace a fairly sub standard ceramic hob and after much research settled on this one. Love the P setting which will bring a pan to the boil within 30 seconds. Being able to join two heating areas with the bridge function will be very useful and looking forward to being able to use a griddle pan. The slide control is brilliant, the hob reacts instantly so boiling over is a thing of the past. Really quick and easy to install, looks smart and so easy to clean. Can’t think of anything negative to say, love it!
JF Somerset

Speed demon!

Have had this for about 1 week now and it's doing a phenomenal job of replacing a ceramic hob. We would prefer a gas hob, but the costs of installing a new gas line behind our kitchen units was going to be pretty high. Pros: + You're never heating up the glass top, so burn-on stains are almost non-existent (unlike a ceramic hob). + Individual slider controls for each heating element is great (no messing around with button pressing). + Left heating elements actually have a pretty large heating area. This is larger than the other AEG induction model that has the twin bridging elements. + "P" mode, or power heating mode heats up a small saucepan of water from cold to hot in about 100 seconds. Cons: - When you heat something on "P", the hob emits a high pitched whine that may sound a bit weird. - When you heat something on "P", the power draw is quite high and you can see other appliances/lights dim for half a second. - I'm still not convinced that touch controls are the best kind of controls in a kitchen environment. How often do you have slightly damp hands when cooking? Me, always. This means touch controls are a bit fussy with the wetness. - Wasn't used to how fast the induction heated up our wok. This is great for flash frying, but I almost set off our smoke alarm with the smoke it generated. All in all, a great unit for the price and features offered.


I love this hob, looks good easy to use I am so pleased I chose this hob.
Angela Damp