Customer Reviews — AEG 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — AEG 59cm Induction Hob - Black

AEG IKE64441FB 59cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Detects the pan size to provide the perfect heat level
  • Quickly heats the hob to its highest temperature
  • Hob communicates with your hood for optimum extraction
  • Dimensions (cm) - H4.4 x W59 x D52
4.8 / 5

Good but not great

I have moved over to this hob from a ceramic cooker and have already used a small single ring induction cooker which I was impressed with so in writing this review I keep comparing this hob with my previous ones. I'll start with the positives: it looks great, it's quiet even when the internal fan is on, it has separate heat controls for each ring, it has adjustable heat surface which was the main selling point for me and it boils water very fast on boost setting. The negatives: there is a massive power drop from boost to the next setting (14) and then the other smaller heat settings become completely useless. I don't understand why they put 14 different levels when there's only a tiny difference between them. My small induction cooker decreases the heat in 10% increments so I feel fully in control of the heat setting, with the AEG they might as well just had 4 settings 25, 50, 75 and 100%. Also the glass surface is very slippery so the pots keep moving and as there are no rings to mark the edge of the hearing area you have no idea where to place the pot and have to keep lifting off to see where to put it back. Does it work? Yes Am I impressed? No Would I recommend this specific model to my friends? No Would I recommend induction? Yes -it is the future but AEG need to improve on this model.

Nice hob easy to operate. Some downfalls as I was probably spoilt by previous top quality Dedietrich one.

Purchased this to replace my old Dedietrich one that I had had for about 13 years. Chose the hob2hood feature and maxisense version with bridging zone as a really good sounding upgrade and hoped for as good a quality as previous one. Hob2hood works very well. Bridging zone not as versatile as I thought it would be. Pan has to be big enough to cover both centre points of the 2 zones. Not many pans that big. Maxisense works as described. Downfall for me, does not heat up or cool down as quickly as my old Dedietrich so 4 stars. The power boost setting no where near as quick as old one from 13 years ago and was surprised how long the surface took to cool down to be safe enough to touch even.
Julie Starkey

Great buy

Excellent hob with wide heating range and superb quick boil facility. Ability to use large pans that can span two cooking areas. Touch controls could be more responsive and child lock is a nuisance but overall a good buy.

Great Hob, however...

Went from a ceramic hob to induction (gas upgrade not possible), its a fantastic hob! Had to change all pans too but was overdue. The only reason I knocked off 1 star because the instructions state the hob comes pre wired, but there was no cable supplied. In terms of performance the closest cooking experience to a gas hob possible. Instructions great but very intuitive touch buttons, great for cleaning as there are no raised switches and the is a subtle angled bezel around the edge of the hob. The bridge zone is good for larger pans and rapid boil. Would recommend this hob and AO.

Looks good, some irritations

Ok so the hob does what it's meant to, well. As with most AEG things the installation instructions are poor. The hob itself is relatively straightforward to use but it's designed to be minimalist so the controls aren't self-explanatory. Unlike my previous induction hob, if your pans aren't ferrous enough it won't entertain trying to heat them, just gives an error message which is useful I suppose. Seems to have a mind of its own so will change your settings to "automatic" for some reason but to be fair maybe it knows what it's doing better than me. It also beeps annoyingly if you have a small kitchen and rest things on it from time to time. All that said, I was really impressed how quickly it heated food up compared to my previous hob which has to be the most important thing. IMPORTANT you need a 40 amp circuit for this. If you're not replacing an existing hob you won't have one and will need to get it installed by an electrician. Factor than into the cost if you're switching from gas to induction.

Does everything I need

This is my first induction hob and I'm not disappointed. The heat is fast and even. The high temperatures are very hot. There's also a low range that I've not found a use for. The scale is 1-14 (+a boost), but the lowest I use is generally 5. I'm giving this 4 stars (rather than 5) for only two reasons. - The hob areas aren't large enough for my largest pan. I have a 30cm frying pan, probably 26-28cm on the base, and this doesn't fit in the cooking area. - The cooking areas are marked with a cross, which means you can only tell if a pan is central by picking it up. I'm uncertain if the pan detection means it needs to be central or not though, so maybe I'm worrying needlessly. But these are just quibbles, food cooks fine regardless, even to the edges of the very large pan.


Looks good and easy to operate but disappointed the device did not come with cable attached to it .
David pike

AEG Induction Hob

Excellent product from AEG Excellent service from AO
Geoff Springett