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    Laundry tech that does the hard work for you

    LG’s washing machines are packed with clever tech to make laundry less of a chore. A great example is ezDispense™ auto dosing, a feature that means you’ll never have to guess how much detergent to use ever again.

    How ezDispense™ auto dosing works

    In a nutshell, LG’s ezDispense™ auto dosing works out how much detergent is needed when you pick a cycle and adds it at the start of each wash. This means your clothes will always get the best care, whether it’s a quick spin or a long soak.

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    What are the benefits of ezDispense™ auto dosing?

    Delicate fabrics are in great hands

    LG’s AI DD™ tech doesn’t just check the weight of your laundry – it can tell what sort of fabric you’re washing too. This means it knows exactly how to take care of even the most delicate fabrics, and picks the best drum movements to keep your clothes looking and feeling as good as new.

    Your clothes are always protected

    ezDispense™ auto dosing tech will make sure your clothes are always well looked after. It adds the perfect amount of detergent based on the weight and type of the fabrics in the drum. This is important because not enough detergent means your clothes don’t get a good clean, and too much can ruin fabrics over time. Now you’ll always get great results with every wash and laundry days will be that little bit simpler.

    It can speed up your washes

    As well as delivering fantastic cleaning results, ezDispense™ auto dosing tech can get your wash cycles done quicker too. Once it’s checked the weight and fabric type, it tweaks the settings of the programme you pick so it doesn’t take a second longer than needed, and you won’t be stuck waiting around for clean clothes.


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    How does ezDispense™ auto dosing work?