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    Gas hob installation

    Find out everything you need to know about our gas hob installation service.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): a note to our customers

    We’re still delivering to our customers safely by follow social distancing guidelines, and we would appreciate it if you could work with us to do the same upon delivery and throughout any installation service by keeping your distance and waiting in another room. We recommend that you clean surfaces and handles once any installation is completed as an extra precaution. Drivers have been given gloves and facemasks and are encouraged to wear them – if your driver isn’t then please feel free to ask them to wear them.

    Our fully trained team will get your new gas hob set up and ready to use for just £110. We’ll even disconnect your old hob. Our team are Gas Safe registered, so you know our standards are high. We can even give you a gas certificate once we’re done, just get in touch with our live chat. Find out what’s included in this service and what you can do to prepare for us.

    What we'll do

    To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, we’ll try to contact you before delivery day. It’s just a quick call to make sure everything is ready when we arrive. If you’ve selected our connection service for your new appliance, we’ll happily disconnect your old one for you.

    As it’s a gas appliance we’re installing for you, we’ll do 2 gas tests to make sure everything is safe. One before we’ve fitted the hob and one afterwards. You can leave the disconnection of your existing appliance to us. We’re nice like that. We’ll unpack the new product for you when we get there.

    Then it’s the exciting part. We’ll get to work installing your new gas hob in its home! Don’t worry about any cables, we’ll bring whatever is required to install your new hob along with us and can supply extra if you need it.

    We’ll also take a minimum of 8 pictures throughout the installation. This is just so we’ve both got a record of the service we’ve carried out should you ever need it. Plus, if you've chosen our disposal service, we'll even take your old model with us.

    What you need to do

    Your existing Hot Zone (the space around your hob) will need to be free from switches, cooker hoods and flammable items, including cupboards and wallpaper. There’ll need to be a gap of at least 75cm between your hob and the cooker hood or ceiling above. We’ll ask some questions about the Hot Zone when we call but please note, we may not be able to install if it isn’t clear of hazards.

    As with any gas appliance, you’ll need to make sure that the room your new hob is going to be living in has direct ventilation to an outside space. We’ll need to hook up to an existing gas supply. Double check you’ve got access to one. Make sure we have access to a gas meter. If you’re on a meter, you’ll need to make sure we've got access to it and you’re topped up enough so we can test properly. There’ll also need to be a 3 pin socket or cooker point (that big red switch) within 1.5 metres of your hob’s new home.

    Check that your existing electrical connection (it’ll be a plug socket or a big red switch) matches what's required for your new hob. If you can't get to the socket or switch, you'll be able to find what it is in the product manual of your current hob. Either dig out the book that came with it or quickly search the model number online. All the information you need for your new appliance is listed under the Key Information tab on our product pages.

    You’ll also find the dimensions of your chosen hob within the Key Information section on our product pages. Double check that the height, width and depth are suitable for the space in your kitchen.

    What we don't cover

    Just so you know exactly what to expect and what not to expect from our lovely drivers on delivery day, here’s a quick list of what our installation service doesn’t include:

    • The installation of cooking products is only available on certain days in certain postcodes. So, don’t be alarmed if delivery isn’t available for some time when you get to the basket.
    • Although our teams are fully qualified to carry out gas installations, we can’t fix a gas leak.
    • If an old boiler doesn’t relight after we’ve installed your new appliance, our team are not liable. Your provider will need to be contacted.
    • Although we can amend cupboards and worktops if needed, we won’t alter any of your other property. We’re only here to fit your brand new gas hob! This includes anything within the Hot Zone.
    • Installation isn’t available at commercial properties unless there’s a separate residential meter that we can use.


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