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    Promotions Explained

    We're committed to giving you the best price for your item, but if you're looking for something extra back, here's some help on how to claim promotions.

    Discount codes

    We sometimes offer discount codes which can be applied either to your total order, or a specific item. These may be codes which you see messaged across our site, or they may be unique to you, for example when registering for My Account.

    Simply add that code at the checkout to apply your discount automatically, and you'll see the saving in your order summary.


    You’ll often see cashback promotions on our site; either for a specific brand, or as ao cashback offers which run across a wider range of products. If a product is eligible we'll make it clear in your search results and on the product page. We’ll also include a link to let you know how to claim when you complete your order.

    These offers will need to be claimed within a specified time after placing your order.

    If you’re eligible for ao cashback, we’ll include a claim form within your invoice email. You’ll need to submit that form within 14 days to claim your cash back, and you’ll receive your payment within 28 days.

    Additional offers

    You'll often see free gift, trade-in, cashback, prize draws and extended warranty promotions which are offered by the appliance manufacturers. If a product is eligible for one of these offers, we'll make it clear in your search results and on the product page.

    These offers will need to be claimed within a specified time from the date of your order, so check the terms and conditions for that offer – we’ll include a link when we confirm your order.

    Here are the terms and conditions for current promotions:

    Hisense Prize Draw Sept 2020

    Third party promotions

    From time to time, we’ll partner with a third party for a promotional offer. These will be run by the third party but we’ll always host the terms and conditions on our website, or make sure there’s a clear link to find them on the third party’s website, so you can easily check them.

    Take a look at the terms and conditions for our current third party promotions here.

    Trade-In on Appliances

    With our trade-in promotion, we’ll give you money for selected appliances when you replace them with our new models. We’ll even pick up your old appliances for free.

    Products that can be traded-in are clearly labelled on the site. Add a product on trade-in to your basket and tick the ‘trade-in’ box when you’re ready to checkout.

    We’ll collect your old appliance when we drop off the new one. Just make sure it’s empty, unplugged, and disconnected.

    We’ll put the money in your bank account within 40 days of delivery*. Simple.


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    Terms & Conditions

    This promotion is only available if we have the product in stock.

    AO.com can change, cancel, or amend this promotion at any time.

    If you used AO Finance to buy your new product, you can still trade in old appliances. The money can’t be taken from your finance agreement, so we’ll contact you to sort out a separate refund. This will all happen within 40 days of the delivery and collection date.

    Sometimes we include the trade-in amount in the price you pay upfront. We’ll make this clear before you buy.

    *When the trade-in promotion is for a specific brand, your money won’t always be automatically paid into your account. You’ll need to go to the brand’s website and fill in an online form to claim your money instead. We’ll make this clear on the Promotions section of our product pages.