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    Don’t let your old appliances and devices go to waste. Give Trade-In or MTR Trade-In a go.

    Replacing a major domestic appliance? Use Trade-In to get money for your old appliance when you replace it with a new model from AO.

    Replacing a wearable device? Use MTR Trade-In and you’ll get money for your old devices when you buy a new one at AO. Learn more about MTR Trade-In here.

    Trade-In on Appliances

    With our trade-in promotion, we’ll give you money for selected appliances when you replace it with a new model from AO. We’ll even pick up your old appliance for free and take it away to our recycling centre when we drop off your new one. Easy.

    How it works

    We keep Trade-in as simple as possible. Here’s exactly how it works.

    • Products that can be traded in are clearly labelled on the site
    • Add a product on Trade-in to your basket and tick the ‘Trade-in’ box when you’re ready to checkout
    • We’ll collect your old appliance when we drop off the new one. Just make sure it’s empty, unplugged and disconnected.
    • We’ll put the money in your bank account within 40 days of delivery.* Simple.

    Any questions? Our FAQs will have the answers.


    Does the product I’m buying need to be the same as the one I’m trading in?
    Will you unplug and empty my old appliance?
    My old product is faulty, can I still trade it in?
    What happens if I haven’t got anything to trade in?
    How and when will I get my money back?
    Can I have my old product back if I get a refund?

    Terms & Conditions

    All promotional products are only available while stocks last.

    AO.com has the right to void, amend, and/or change the products in this promotion at any time.

    If you’ve bought your new product on finance, you can still trade in old appliances. The money will be refunded to your AO Finance account. This will be within 40 days of your delivery and collection date.

    Every so often we’ll include the Trade-in amount in the price you pay upfront. We’ll make this clear when you buy.

    *Sometimes, when the Trade-in promotion is for a specific brand, the money won’t automatically be put into your account. Instead, you’ll need to go to the brand’s website and fill out a quick online form to get your cashback. This will be made clear on the Promotions section of our product pages.

    Trade-In on other Electrical Devices

    Don’t let your old wearable devices go to waste, use our third-party trade-in service. With MTR Trade-in, they’ll take your old device and give you the best price based on its condition when you buy a new one at AO. You’ll even get paid the same day it reaches MTR. Sounds good, right?

    How it works

    MTR Trade-in is simple. Here’s exactly how it all works.

    • MTR Trade-in can only be used by individual customers and not businesses.
    • You’ll be offered MTR Trade-in on the products that are available for the promotion.
    • This is a third-party service and will work through MTR’s portal at aotradein.mtr.co.uk where you’ll answer some questions on the condition of your device before being offered a price.
    • Happy with the price? Great. MTR can send you a Trade-in pack to send off your old device in, or you can print off a label and package it yourself.
    • Once the device reaches MTR, they’ll review it and then put the money into your bank account.

    Want some money for your old device?

    MTR Trade-In

    Any questions? Our FAQs will have the answers.

    From time to time we will offer additional promotions on selected products, which will be highlighted on each product. The same process will apply.


    When will I receive my money?
    Does my old device need to be working?
    What would make my device “faulty”?
    What happens if my device isn’t as I described when it reaches MTR?
    Who should I contact if I have an issue?

    MTR Terms & Conditions

    MTR is a trade-in service that can only be used by individual customers and not businesses.

    Once an individual customer starts their journey for MTR-Trade-in, the relationship is between them and MTR. AO is not involved at this stage.

    Any issues you have should be picked up with MTR directly. You can contact them by phone: 03332079676 or by email: [email protected]

    Still looking for answers?