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    Best Projectors 2022

    TV just not cutting it anymore? Have you ever thought about going bigger and better with a projector? No, not those little things your teachers would wheel into assemblies. We mean the big cinematic projectors that show off everything from movies to presentations in amazing detail.

    Whether you’re glued to your games console, binging boxsets, or are always hosting family events, we’ve rounded up the best projectors for you.

    Best for movie nights

    Who doesn’t love a movie night? Now you can take them to the next level by transforming your spare room into a cinema. Grab this Epson model, dim the lights and let the titles play. Now that’s our kind of Friday night.

    Epson EH-TW7000

    • Watch all the action in 4K quality
    • Projects up to a 500-inch screen
    • HDR creates a bright, vibrant picture
    • HDMI port connects to other devices

    Snacks? Check. Cosy blanket? Sorted. Big cinema screen? This Epson projector will have your back. It can create a massive 500-inch display, and play all the action in 4K quality. It really doesn’t get more cinematic than that. It comes with HDR technology too, which fills every scene with loads of lifelike colours. And when the credits roll, you won’t need to worry about what to watch next – the HDMI port lets you hook up to consoles, laptops or even an Amazon FireStick, which all give you access to lots of streaming apps.

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    Best for gaming

    You’ve not really had the full gaming experience until you’ve added a projector to your kit. Just plug your console into one of these and play on a bigger screen than ever before. This Optoma model even supports 3D gaming. So, you’ll feel like that FIFA match or bank heist in GTA happened in your own front room.

    Optoma UHD42

    • Play 4K games in the best quality
    • Looks good in natural daylight
    • 240Hz refresh rate
    • Supports 3D gaming software

    This Optoma projector will put your gaming setup at the top of the leaderboard. It lets you play all your 4K titles at their very best, so you’ll never miss a second of the action. And when you’re pulling off killer combos at the speed of light, its 240Hz refresh rate will make sure that your screen is always one step ahead, never two behind. Got some 3D games? Neat – it’ll work with those too. And, it even creates a screen so bright you’ll be able to see it in daylight. No need to close your curtains.

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    Best for events

    A family event isn’t complete without whipping out the photo album or showing off the embarrassing home videos. With this Optoma projector, you can put them all on the big screen, so everyone can get a good look.

    Optoma HD29He

    • Plays videos in Full HD quality
    • Projects up to a 301-inch screen
    • Looks good in natural daylight
    • 2 HDMI ports

    Make that big celebration even better by sharing all your life moments with this Optoma projector. Since it can play your stuff in Full HD quality, that baby video of you in the bath or photo of your first day of high school will look even more horrific than ever before. And everyone in the room will have a great view, because it can create a bright 301-inch screen.

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    Best for the outdoors

    You can’t get much better than a projector that can be used outdoors. They’re great for putting the sports on at a family barbeque (that’s you hosting every away game), or wowing your partner with a romantic movie night. Stay in their good books with this Epson model.

    Epson EB-E01

    • Enjoy a bright, clear picture
    • Looks good in bright spaces
    • Built-in speaker
    • Portable and quick to set-up

    Take your favourite shows and films outdoors with this Epson projector. It’s really easy to carry and quick to set-up, so you can always take it round to your mates’ if they fancy hosting. And you don’t need to worry about dragging an extra speaker along, as one comes inside. You won’t have to wait for the sun to set to start watching either, as the bright picture means you’ll still be able to see it in daylight. Yippee.

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