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    Energy Efficient Hobs


    When you’re buying a hob, you’re not just looking for speedy and effective results, but something that’s going to save you energy as well. Luckily there are plenty of different features that’ll knock a few pennies off your bills at the same time.

    Energy Efficient features to look out for

    Sensor controlled cooking

    Hobs with cooking sensors use the right amount of energy to get the best results. They monitor your cookware and adjust the heat to suit. This means no energy goes to waste, and you don't have to stress about your bills skyrocketing.

    Adjustable zones

    Some induction hobs have adjustable zones that adapt to the size of your pan. By making sure you use the right amount of power to suit each pot, it'll help cut down on any waste.

    Even heat distribution

    With even heat distribution, your food is cooked from every angle. This saves you having to use more power to get an even golden top on your pies and puds. Now you’ll have great results in one go.

    Also look out for…


    Thanks to AEG’s SenseBoil®, which stops your pans overflowing, you’ll have complete control in the kitchen. When your water’s boiled, the pressure from the bubbles makes the pot vibrate slightly. Because there are sensors in the hob’s surface, they recognise the movement and immediately switch the heat to a lower setting, to keep the water simmering. This means you can start chopping the potatoes without having to constantly monitor the pan.

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    Dual zone

    The dual zone on this Bosch hob means you can use various pan sizes and power levels on one burner. You get great flexibility because the zone will adapt to the pan size or heat intensity you’re using, saving you energy in the long run.

    Direct Flame technology

    Direct Flame technology cooks your dishes to perfection. The powerful blue flame is pushed through 420 tiny holes, heating your food from the bottom and wasting no warmth on the sides. Not only does this save energy, but it also means your meals are evenly cooked. Now there’ll be no more surprise cold spots in that omelette, phew.

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    Power Limitation

    Thanks to the nifty Power Limitation feature, you don’t need to stress about your bills skyrocketing. The clever tech sets a maximum energy level, so that the hob can’t use too much. Not only is this better for your pocket, but it’s also kinder on the environment – sounds like a double win to us.