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    Crisp Cooking


    Ovens and cookers come with a bunch of handy features these days, including an option that helps crisp up your cooking. Whether you’re throwing in a pasta bake with a cheesy top or labouring over a roast cooked with love, the crisp cooking setting works by making sure your dishes are juicy on the inside with a crispy crunch on the outside. Yum.


    Finish your favourites the right way

    Don’t spend ages looking for cooking hacks to get the perfect crisp coating on your Sunday roast, use an oven feature that does the hard work for you. From steam cooking to specific ‘crisp’ functions, look out models with this feature if you love food with crunch.

    Also look out for...

    Crisp Function

    Do you want to give your roast a final crispy finish? Nothing could be easier thanks to the Crisp Function, which removes moisture directly from the oven cavity during the roasting or baking process. This gives your finished dish the extra crispiness you want.


    Hotpoint’s Rotisserie feature infuses your favourite meats with amazing flavour. Once the chicken is skewered on the spit, it’s turned constantly to make sure it goes golden and crisp all over, while keeping the inside succulent. This way of cooking means there’s less grease and fat in your food. Delicious dinners that are better for you – we like the sound of that.

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    Can’t quite get that chicken right? Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveVent™ will help you turn those teatime frowns upside down. It retains and releases moisture at the perfect time to make sure your meals are juicy on the inside with the perfect finish on the outside. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

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    Frozen Food Mode

    Kids got home feeling hangry? Frozen Food Mode will save the day. It’s perfect for quickly cooking your shop-bought frozen treats, and since you don’t have to preheat the oven, those bellies won’t be grumbling for long. It uses high temperatures too, so everything from your French fries to your chicken nuggets will come out with a delicious crispy finish.