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    Energy Efficient Ovens and Cookers


    If you want to keep your running costs low, while still doing your bit for the planet, an energy-efficient oven and cookers will do the trick. Because they use less energy, they’re kinder to your bank balance and the environment – time to grab those recipe books and cook to your heart’s content.

    Energy Efficient features to look out for 

    Sensor-controlled cooking

    Never worry about your chicken being burnt again, thanks to sensor cooking. This feature keeps an eye on your food and adjusts the settings without you having to do a thing. This helps save energy since it only uses the right amount with every meal. So, you can tuck into a nice meal and save some pennies too.

    Quick Cooking

    If you have a busy schedule, you don't want to wait an age for that chicken pie to be ready. That’s where quick cooking ovens come in. They use less energy, because they take a shorter amount of time to reach the desired temperature. And some combine different functions together for speedy results. No more hanging around clock-watching.

    Even heat distribution

    Remember when the pizza came out burnt on one side and soggy on the other? What a waste of warm air. Thankfully, ovens with even heat distribution make this a thing of the past. It sends heat to every shelf, cooking your food to perfection from all angles – and no energy goes to waste.

    Automatic cooking

    Forget about fussing with the settings – automatic cooking does all the hard work for you, making it more energy efficient. Just tell the oven what type of food you want to cook, and it’ll choose the perfect time and temperature for amazing results. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to tuck in.

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    Rangemaster Rapid Response

    Are you running behind on dinner prep? Don’t stress – Rapid Response™ is here to help. It preheats your oven 30% faster than fan models, so you don’t need to waste time waiting for it to get up to temperature. You can even put chilled foods in the oven, select the setting and still get delicious results. So, go ahead and pop that pizza in while you set the table – dinner will be served up in a jiffy.

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    Also look out for...

    Twin variable grill Ovens

    If you’re hungry and fancy a quick snack, the Twin Grill feature helps save you energy. You can choose to use only half the grill’s surface for smaller items, meaning while those halloumi fries are getting nice and golden, you’ll also be cutting a few pennies off your utility bills because of the energy saved.

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    Cook 3 Ovens

    Prepare all your favourite dishes at once with the incredible Cook3 feature. From batches of cookies to a selection of tapas, the 3 shelves give you enough room to really flex those culinary muscles. And because the hot air circulates evenly across every level, you don’t need to worry about any flavours or aromas transferring either.

    CircoTherm® Ovens

    Neff’s Circotherm technology uses a fan to distribute hot air evenly, heating up the oven super quickly and maintaining the same temperature throughout. This is great for home bakers as you can whip up batches of cookies or cupcakes with perfectly even results. And, thanks to the way the air is circulated, there’s no flavour transfer so you can roast a joint of meat and bake a cake at the same time without any intermingling of flavours.

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    Eco Mode Cookers

    If you’re making a meal for one, you won’t want to use the same amount of energy as prepping a three-course dinner. Eco Mode uses the ideal amount of power for single-shelf cooking, so you won’t be letting any precious Watts go to waste. And best of all, your wallet and the planet will thank you for it as well.