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    American Fridge Freezer Measurement Guide

    Whether you're buying an American fridge freezer for the first time or you're replacing an old one, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy. Our handy measuring guide will help you do just that.

    Things to consider

    Home checks

    American fridge freezers are a lot wider and bulkier than regular models. So, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right width and that it’ll definitely fit through your door.

    Before you buy, check the space around where your appliance will go. Can you open the doors without hitting the side cabinets? This’ll make sure it fits perfectly and you can use it properly. Also, if you’ve chosen a plumbed in model, you’ll need access to a water supply.

    Plan your route into your home for delivery - measure your doorways and any tight spots like corners that may be tricky. You can take off the appliance doors to get it through if it’s a squeeze.

    How to measure

    First, you’ll need a good space in your kitchen to put your new American fridge freezer. Next, grab a measuring tape and measure up the height of the space from top to bottom. Then do the same with the width and depth by measuring from the wall to the edge of your counters. Don’t forget to make a note of these so you can look back at them later. We also recommend adding 5cm to the depth and width to allow for proper ventilation and to avoid the doors hitting your worktop and walls.

    Did you know?

    A plumbed-in American fridge freezer needs to be within 5m of the water supply. This is the length of the piping supplied with American fridge freezers.

    Kitchen & Home Delivery

    We deliver 7 days a week and have several free delivery options, but for a little extra you can pick a timeslot. Get everything from fridge freezers to dishwashers delivered exactly when you want them

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