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    Freezer Buying Guide


    Need a freezer to stock up on all those frozen treats? You’ll need to know whether you want a freestanding or integrated model, plus what size and the features you might like. Our handy guide will walk through exactly that, so you can choose with confidence.

    Things to know

    Energy Rating

    If you’re buying a new freezer, you’ll want one that runs as efficiently as possible. The energy rating will show you where your model sits on a scale of A-G, with A being the most efficient. Now you can keep your groceries in great shape and save some energy too.


    Most freezers come with a warranty that that lasts 1 or 2 years, but some will cover certain parts, such as the motor, for a much longer period – up to 20 years. You can find the warranty info for each model in the product specification on our product pages.

    Number of drawers

    The number of drawers depends on the type of freezer you’ve chosen. This ranges from a compact undercounter model, a chest freezer or a standard upright. Undercounter is the smallest with upright being the largest, and they can have between 3 to 7 drawers. Some freezers have shelves as well.

    Total capacity

    It’s important to know the total capacity of your freezer before you head to the checkout – no one wants to be throwing away good food because there’s not enough space. Freezer capacity is measured in litres and ranges from 80-litres to 323-litres. We’ve worked out roughly how many bags of food you can fit inside too - you can find these on our product pages, so you’ll have no trouble choosing the right one for you.

    Fit type

    One of the things you’ll need to know when buying a new freezer is where it’s going to go in your kitchen. A freestanding freezer can be placed anywhere with a power socket and can also be taken with you if you move house. If your other appliances are behind cupboard doors, you’ll want an integrated model so everything is streamlined.

    Door Hinge

    If you’re worried about fitting your freezer in the perfect spot, a lot of models come with reversible hinges. These allow the freezer door to be opened from the left or right. And if you’re buying an integrated model, you’ll be given everything you need to attach the cupboard door, using either sliding or fixed hinges.


    Freezers are measured in height, depth and width – you’ll find this information on the product page. For integrated models, it’s especially important to make sure it fits into the housing unit.

    Key Features

    Frost reduction

    Tired of wasting your weekends scraping out icy build-ups? We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch models out there that do the hard work for you– by preventing the problem in the first place! That’s exactly what frost reduction is all about, so you can actually enjoy your Saturdays.

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    Quick freezing

    If you're stocking up on frozen food, you want the big shop to last as long as possible. That's where quick freeze comes in. It quickly decreases the temperature to freeze your groceries and lock in their flavour. So, if you love making smoothies or cooking with veggies, quick freeze, keeps everything in great shape.

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    Suitable for garages

    Whether your freezer doesn’t fit your kitchen’s aesthetic, or you just don’t have the room, more and more people are moving their cooling appliances to their garages. The only problem? Not all units are designed to work in such cold conditions. Thankfully, these clever models keep their chill and function fine, even in temperatures as low as -15°C.

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    Power cut failsafe

    So, you’ve just put the food shop away and the power cuts out. We know, nightmare. Thankfully, some brands kit out their appliances with a nifty fail safe feature. This keeps your food in tip-top shape for up to around 20 hours – just double check the model you’re looking at for the exact duration.

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    Measure, delivery and installation

    Latest Fridge Freezer tech

    Discover how Total No Frost and other fridge freezer tech can make your life easier

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    Defrosting Tech

    With the latest frost free fridge freezers, ice isn’t an issue, so you can ditch defrosting for good

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