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My dishwasher will not empty

Sometimes, your dishwasher won’t empty the water after a wash. It won’t be enough to flood your kitchen, but it can stop your dishes from being cleaned since the machine can’t drain the dirty water. This is usually caused by a blocked filter, or your dishwasher might just need a little clean itself. The good news is that these are both easy problems to fix.

Clean the filters

The filter at the bottom of your dishwasher might be blocked, which makes it difficult to drain your appliance after a cycle. Remove the bottom rack from your appliance and look for the filter. Take it out and rinse it under a hot tap to clear out any blockages. Your filter may need to be unscrewed to lift it out. You should also check the drain it was protecting, to make sure nothing’s slipped through and caused a blockage.

Clean your dishwasher

Just because your dishwasher is always cleaning your dishes, it doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty. Since your appliance is always lifting food and grime off your plates, this can build up in your dishwasher which can stop it from working. Every now and again, your machine will need a refresh to make sure it can drain water with no issues. You can buy dishwasher cleaning products that you use on an empty cycle. This helps to keep your appliance in full working order, and makes sure your dishes sparkle after every cycle.

Contact the manufacturer

If you’re still having trouble, try checking the product manual. It’ll likely have more specific solutions for your model. If you can’t find it, or you still can’t fix the issue, try giving the manufacturer a call. They’ll be able to talk you through any further ideas. Check out the link below for a list of manufacturers’ numbers.