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    Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide

    Having problems with your dishwasher? This guide gives you the top warning signs that your machine is on its way out. Or, head to the FAQs where we'll guide you through unblocking your machine and giving advice on some of the most common problems.

    Signs you need a new dishwasher

    Here are 5 signs to look out for that could mean your dishwasher’s on the way out. Dishwashers usually stay at their best for around 10 years, so if yours is older, it’s probably best to replace it if you spot any of these problems.

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    Your dishes come out cold or speckled

    Your plates and cutlery should come out your dishwasher hot and sparkling, not dull as dishwater. If they’re looking speckled and cold, then they’re not getting a proper clean. It could just be something small like needing to replace the spray arm or a problem with the detergent dispenser, but this is something to weigh up against the age of your model.

    The door doesn't close or lock

    If the door’s not shutting properly – and a rogue spoon getting in the way isn’t to blame – then it could mean the door has been bent out of place or warped by water damage. Repairing this can be very tricky (and expensive too).

    It's starting to crack

    A crack in your dishwasher is a big no-no. If you spot one anywhere on your machine, it’s best to switch it off and unplug it straight away. That’s because any sort of crack could mean the room it’s in might get an unwanted bath and cause all sorts of water damage.

    It's making an unusual noise

    If your dishwasher’s changed its tune from the normal sounds to something a bit stranger, it could be on its last legs. That’s because strange noises often mean there’s a problem with the motor, and a dodgy motor can be very expensive to fix.

    It's starting to rust

    Rust inside the dishwasher could spell the end for your machine. It might not be all bad news, because it could just be coming off your pots and pans. But if they’re all nice and shiny, then there’s a chance it’s a sign of a water leak – a bit worse than a rusty pan. One way to check what’s causing the problem is to run an empty cycle with some citric acid. If you’re still getting rust inside, then it’s time to bag yourself a brand new model.

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