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    Cooker & Oven Troubleshooting Guide

    At the heart of every kitchen, you’ll find an oven or a cooker. We rely on them to cook that frozen pizza after a long slog at work, or to create those delicious cupcakes for that bake sale. So, when something goes wrong it can have a huge effect on our day to day lives. This guide gives you the top warning signs that your machine is on its way out. Or, head to the FAQs where we'll guide you through unblocking your machine and giving advice on some of the most common problems.

    Signs you need a new cooker or oven

    Here's 5 things that your cooker or oven might be on its last legs. They usually last 10-15 years, so if your model’s older, it might be time to serve up a replacement.

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    Your electric oven won't heat up

    Ovens have one job, right? To cook your food properly. So, if yours is struggling to get up to at least 200°C, or that quiche keeps coming out underdone, then it could be a sign the heating element’s not up to the job anymore.

    Your gas oven won't light

    There’s a few reasons why your gas oven could lose its spark and stop lighting. If it’s not getting enough oxygen, then you’ll be getting a weak orange flame instead of a strong blue one. Another reason could be a dodgy switch, and trying to get hold of replacement parts can be more hassle than it’s worth. Faulty gas ovens can lead to all sorts of nasty risks, so if yours is starting to misbehave in any way, make sure you get it seen to ASAP.

    It's not efficient anymore

    Chances are the older your oven or cooker is, the harder it needs to work to deliver the same results. But those tasty treats from an old model come at a cost – literally. They get through more energy than younger models, which means those bills will start creeping up.

    It's too dirty

    Sometimes there’s only so much scrubbing you can do. No matter how much elbow grease you put into cleaning, years of cooking will eventually take its toll. Rust and stubborn stains can build up and start smoking to ruin your food – no one wants a smoky-flavoured cake. If your Battenberg is starting to taste more like bacon, have a look at our range of Pyrolytic ovens. They use really high temperatures that turn food splatters into ash. All that’s left to do is simply wipe it away.

    Scorched worktops and hot handles

    If you’re noticing scorch marks on your worktops or the oven’s handles are too hot to touch, it could be a problem with the cooling system. And that’s something we’re definitely not a fan of. This can usually be fixed, but if the same thing happens again, it’s probably time to get hunting for a replacement. It won’t take you long to find a new one – we’ve cooked up a huge range of ovens to choose from right here.

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