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    Cooker & Oven Troubleshooting Guide

    At the heart of every kitchen, you’ll find an oven or a cooker. We rely on them to cook that frozen pizza after a long slog at work, or to create those delicious cupcakes for that bake sale. So, when something goes wrong it can have a huge effect on our day to day lives. Whether you need to change a light bulb or fix the ignition, our FAQs may be able to help.

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    My oven isn’t working but the top grill is
    My new cooker makes a burning smell – is this normal?
    Why is the fan on my oven so noisy?
    My cooker ignition keeps clicking
    The light in my oven is not working
    My oven door isn’t closing properly
    How do I know if my oven is heating to the right temperature?
    Can you still use an oven if the glass is broken?
    How to change an oven lightbulb
    How to reset an oven
    Why is my oven smoking?
    Why does my oven keep tripping the electric?
    How to change the temperature sensor on an oven
    How to replace an oven thermometer
    How to unblock gas oven jets

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