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My washing machine is taking too long to wash

If there’s a mountain of dirty laundry to get through, you need your washing machine to be in tip top shape. But it’s annoying if it’s taking way too long to do even the lightest of loads. There could be a problem with the water flow at the back of the appliance, or it might be something to do with the machine’s programmes. With our guide, we’ll show you some simple solutions so your washing machine can keep up with you again.

Economy programmes

A lot of appliances have eco-friendly modes that help save money on your bills. These take longer than a normal wash, using lower temperatures over a longer period to clean your clothes thoroughly. If you’re using an eco-friendly programme, try another to see if that’s faster. Check your product manual, as this will often have a table of all the available cycles which shows how long they take.

Water flow problems

Is your washing machine always filling and draining with water? This stops and starts your machine, slowing it right down. It’s usually caused by problems with the drains at the back of your appliance. For more information on this problem, and for an easy fix, check out our guide on the link below.

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Contact the manufacturer

If you’re still struggling to find a solution to this problem, check out your product’s manual. This will have a wealth of information to help you sort out your appliance. If you can’t find the manual, the manufacturer’s helpline will be able to guide you in the right direction. Just follow the link, and look for your manufacturer to find their number.