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What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

Everything you need to know about these energy efficient tumble dryers.

Heat pump tumble dryers are a really economical way to dry clothes. They don’t use lots of energy, which saves money on your bills and helps the environment.

How does a heat pump tumble dryer work?

Like any tumble dryer, heat pump models absorb the moisture from your clothes and leave it in a tank. What makes them stand out is that the air used to dry your laundry is constantly being re-heated and re-circulated around the tumble dryer.

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How much energy does a heat pump tumble dryer use?

Since heat pump tumble dryers recycle hot air to dry clothing, they actually use a lot less energy than other models. This helps save money on your household bills, so you've got a few extra quid for a rainy day.

All our heat pump tumble dryers, like this model from Bosch, are given an energy rating from A+++ down to C. These tell you how efficient these models are, with A+++ appliances using less energy than others and doing more to help the environment.

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How long does a heat pump tumble dryer take?

Heat pump tumble dryers do take a little while longer to dry your clothes than other models. It's worth the wait though, as cycles like anti-crease and wool programmes will make sure your clothes are looking fab!

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