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    Tumble dryers with allergy care


    Whether itchy skin or summer sneezing fits are getting the better of you, a tumble dryer with allergy care can help. These machines are kitted out with clever tech that removes allergens, like dust, dander and pollen, from your clothes. Ready to breathe easy all year round? Silly question – let’s get started.


    Say goodbye to sneezing fits

    Want to wave goodbye to irritated skin and sniffly noses? From lingering dust to spring-time pollen, these machines can bring you some relief from your allergies by keeping your laundry clean and germ-free.

    Keep your pet in check

    If your furry friend is giving your allergies grief, you’ve come to the right place. Allergy care tumble dryers use high temperatures to remove all that fluff and dander, so your clothes stay comfy.

    TLC for the little ones

    Don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your kids’ clothes? With one of these models, you won’t have to since they use hot steam to naturally kill off bacteria. Simply pop their laundry in the machine and the rest is sorted. Simple.

    Also look out for…

    Allergy Care

    It’s important to take care of sensitive skin, especially when it comes to clothes, towels, and bedding, so let Candy’s Allergy Care programme do the hard work. It increases the temperature to give allergens the boot, including pet hair, pollen, dust mites, and detergent. So, whether you’ve got allergy-sufferers or a newborn in the family, you can breathe easy knowing everyone’s clothes are taken care of.

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    Hygienic Function

    The Hygienic Function makes sure your clothes are as clean as can be. By raising the temperature of a dry cycle, it ensures that 99.9% of bacteria is blasted from your clothes. So, you can have clean, fresh bedding and be safe in the knowledge it’s as hygienic as possible. Roll on laundry day. 

    Allergy Smart Programme

    Whether you have a family full of allergy-sufferers or struggle with sensitive skin, you can take care of everyone with the Allergy Smart programme. It uses high temperatures to blast allergens away so you can breathe easy. It’s also extra-hygienic so you know that your laundry is as clean as can be after a dry cycle. How refreshing.


    Tired of annoying allergens and detergent residue irritating your skin? Hoover’s handy Anti-Allergy programme sees off dastardly dust mites, pollen, and pet hair, using a combination of temperature control and special drum movements. Now you can enjoy snug sheets free without the sneezing sprees.

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