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How to drain a washing machine

Find out how to drain your washing machine with this helpful guide

If your washing machine has stopped working and has a lot of water in it, it’ll need draining out before it can be repaired. We’re here to talk you through some simple steps to drain your washing machine manually.

Before you start

Switch off the washing machine at the wall so you can safely get to work. Then, you’ll need to grab a decent-sized bucket and a towel. This just prevents any mess and makes it easy to collect the water when you come to draining in a little while.

Step 1

The washing machine drainage pipe that will be at the back of the appliance, or it could be connected directly to the U-bend under your sink. To get to the pipe, it’s likely that you’ll need to pull the machine out. We recommend opening the door, holding on to the top of the door seal, then lifting and pulling forward. Easy does it!

Step 2

Now you’ve got to the pipe, pull the outlet hose away. Make sure you keep the hose upright to avoid any spillages. Bring the bucket close and lower the hose towards it. With the pure magic of gravity, all that trapped water will start flowing out. If you think the bucket is about to fill, just raise the hose above the height of your washing machine and good old gravity will help you out again and stop the flow of water.

Step 3

Get rid of the waste water. But, not down the sink. If you’ve removed the outlet hose from a u-bend, any water that goes down the sink will come pouring straight out; that’s the last thing you need! Anyway, continue to get drain the machine until it’s empty. If you’re still having issues, give the manufacturer a call and see if they can help.