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How to stop my washing machine

Find out how to stop your washing machine mid-cycle with our quick and easy guide

Whether you’ve left your phone in a pair of jeans that are getting a good soaking or your washing machine is playing up, sometimes you just can’t wait ‘til the end of the cycle. That’s why we’ve come up with some top tips just for you, with information on how to stop your washing machine safely in everyday and emergency situations.

The best, safest way to stop it

There are a few ways to stop your washing machine if you just want to add an extra item or take something out. These 2 examples are the most common and work for the majority of models. You can either press the Pause button on the front of the appliance, which will temporarily stop cycles. Or you can turn the dial that controls cycles to “0” or “Off”, which will end cycles completely. But keep in mind that you’ll have to wait ‘til the water has drained in both instances before opening the door.

How to stop it in an emergency

For laundry days when your washing machine is malfunctioning, the safest thing to do is to nip it in the bud straight away and stop the cycle from running. In a situation like this, all you need to do is switch the washing machine off at the plug to cut off the power supply. This will stop your washing machine instantly but may not drain it, meaning there’s a chance the water inside the drum could spill out if you open the door.

Give your manufacturer a call

If you’re stuck on what the best thing to do is or just want a little more information on your particular washing machine, then don’t hesitate to contact your manufacturer. They’ll be happy to give you some tips and if it’s beyond being solved, they’ll send someone out to fix it for you if it’s included in your warranty. Follow the link below to find the phone number for your washing machine’s manufacturer.