Customer Reviews — Wpro C00375499 Laundry Accessory White

Customer Reviews — Wpro C00375499 Laundry Accessory White

Wpro C00375499 Laundry Accessory - White
  • Washing machine care pack
  • Includes anti-limescale magnet
  • Prevents limescale build-up to protect your machine
  • Softens water to help protect your machine
  • Suitable for use with all brands of machine
4.6 / 5

Simple to fit

Very easy to fit, hopefully will prolong the life of the appliance
Matt Pettit

Simple solution for limescale

Simple to install. While we don't know how it will deliver on reducing limescale as it's too soon to tell, we were very happy with the simplicity and convenience of adding it at the point of installation for the appliance.
R Oakley

worth a go

Seem to do the job when I had one before, so give this a go, if it only works a little then its better than nothing especially in our hard water area.
Arthur D

Super quiet machine

Super quiet, and easy to understand controls. Pleased so far but don’t know about electricity use yet.

Water Softener & Neff integrated washer/dryer

Very pleased with the Wpro laundry accessory. We are in a hard water area this has reduced the use of liquid washing detergent by nearly 50% We have had a similar Neff washer/dryer before & the replacement is excellent with a few more improved programs
Stephen Storr

My new washing machine

Great product - looks ace, works ace, it is ace. AO.COM is ace. Its all ACE, cheers AO.COM. My Samsung Eco Bubble plays a great wee tune when it is turned on and when it finishes. It is also a super quiet machine :) love it.
Wendy Gibson

Good Investment

I added the WPro Laundry Accessory for my new Dishwasher and washing Machine - so far good, but we need to wait to see if long-term if it works.

Can reduce temperatures and times

Just done one wash reduce the time and temperature came out fine.
Jennifer Stephenson