We all love exercising in the summer, we’re fired-up by that mythical creature known as a ‘beach body’ (how do you get one? Asking for a friend). Plus, there are the positive vibes that naturally come with the sunshine. But, when it’s all dark days, cold skies and ‘Last Christmas’ in September, then what?

Well, there’s actually plenty of reasons for starting or keeping up your exercise routine throughout autumn and winter, with the obvious one being staying in shape. But, more importantly, exercise will help your positivity and wellbeing, plus you’ll have even more reasons to indulge in one or more mince pies once December swings around. Feeling it now? Yeah? Well, read on to find out some essential tips to help you get ready for a winter workout.

Enjoy a Winter Morning Stroll

We’ll start steady, and you don’t get much steadier than a peaceful morning stroll. Imagine it, you’re wrapped up warm, the cold air dancing on the tip of your nose and the crisp sound of your boots piercing the frosty grass. A morning winter walk will set you up perfectly for the day ahead. Plus, nature has a special glistening quality at this time of the year that can often be overlooked. And, not only will you be shredding the calories (your body burns more in colder conditions), but a simple stroll in the fresh air can help you clear your mind during this busy time of year.


Get Your Jam on With a Feel-Good Playlist

It’s a particularly frosty morning, you’re toasty and warm under the covers and going out for that morning stroll or jog suddenly feels like the worst idea in the world. Don’t fall at the first hurdle though, get yourself fired up with a winter playlist. You might move best to some funky dance beats, inspirational orchestra or maybe you like to get your sweat on over some Christmas songs (we won’t judge). Whatever gets you in the mood, just whack it on a playlist, gear up and conquer those frosty mornings. Alternatively, if you’re smashing your workout from the comfort of your own home, grab yourself a smart speaker and blast out those motivational beats.


Make Your Home the Gym

Okay, you’ve tried that morning jog but it’s just too cold for you at this time of year, we feel you. But you don’t have to scrap your daily exercise until the daffodils rise again, just bring your workout inside. Don’t worry, you don’t need to fork out for a treadmill, you just need yourself and a bit of space to start pumping some iron.  There’s a ton of exercises you can do, from classics such as sit-ups, press-ups and squats, to more adventurous moves such as the Spider-man press up (it’s a thing, look it up). You’ll find plenty of great routines online that you can mould and tweak to fit the way you like to work out.


Yoga and Meditation

Winter means Christmas is just on the horizon, and it’s a season that’s meant to be a time for family, festivities and reflecting on the year behind us. But it can sometimes be a little stressful and daunting. With so much to do, it might be the perfect time to try a spot of yoga. Forget the stereotypes and clichés, yoga comes with tremendous benefits for both the body and soul, it’ll help you slay those winter blues and keep on top of all those Christmas ‘to dos’ during the busy winter periods. So, load up some tutorial videos on YouTube, grab a mat and start reaping the rewards of yoga. Namaste.


Beat Those Winter Blues

Exercise is one of the easiest ways of feeling positive, improving our mental wellbeing and especially during winter, keeping that energy going. So, during a season when we naturally all want to hibernate at home, we should take a little time to embrace the great outdoors and drink in that feel-good factor.




By Becca Monaghan on 20.01.20

Guest Contributor

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