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    A Waste-Less Journey

    Did you know the UK wastes 15 million tonnes of food every year? This is the equivalent of throwing away one fridge load of food every month.

    There are some simple changes you can make however, to prevent food waste and save money.

    At the supermarket

    Shop with a list to ensure you only buy food you need

    Buy individual fruit and veg, rather than pre-packed produce

    Say no to Buy One Get One Free deals, or BOGOFS (it is not a bargain unless you need it)

    You can freeze pretty much everything from cheese to fruit!

    If you do your food shop later in the day you can often pick up a bargain, thanks to store discounts

    Save money on your shop

    Download your shopping list and meal planner.

    Download here

    Food labelling

    What you need to know


    Food labelling list

    At home

    Don’t throw leftover food away, get creative and use it to make other delicious meals

    Use large ice cube trays to freeze leftover gravy, baked beans, sauces, etc

    Don’t overfill your shelves, this can prevent cold air circulating to keep food fresher for longer

    Keep salad and vegetables in the drawers at the bottom of the fridge to prolong their life

    Put new foods towards the back of the fridge to ensure you use the oldest items first

    What can you freeze?

    Here's a super helpful guide


    What can you freeze list

    Dinner leftovers


    A great way to use up leftover apples is to peel, core and chop them before simmering them with a splash of water in a covered pan until they turn to mush. Put the mixture through a blender to create a puree, which can then be frozen and used in baking recipes to sweeten and add moisture.

    See here


    Left bruised and darkened in the fruit bowl, bananas can do a good impression of being ripe for rejection. But don't be fooled. Bananas can still be used to power some tasty food.

    See here


    Bread is a classic food typically thrown away too soon, neglected slices gone stale and unused, a chunk of baguette hardened. But bread a day or more past its use by date can still be revived - and here are just two recipe ideas.

    See here


    Buying bagged carrots rather than the exact amount needed for a meal, it's common to have a few left over with no purpose. These carrots might be left to go soft and spoilt - but they are a superbly versatile vegetable which can lend itself to no end of tasty dishes.

    See here


    If you have a handful of sad-looking spuds left over in your kitchen, wait before throwing them out. Don't waste what is a key ingredient in many a meal - check out these two recipes and recycle those potatoes the right way.

    See here