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    Home, Smart Home

    Smart products in your home can help make every day tasks easier, help you keep your home safe and give you peace of mind, or even add some entertainment. By transforming your house into a smart home, you’ll be able to turn up the heating and switch on the lights and radio with just a few taps of your phone or even the sound of your voice.

    Often, people think they’ll need lots of different products to get started. Actually, you can just start with one device and build your smart home step by step. Chances are you will already own a smart device, for example a smart TV or smart speaker, and you can completely customise your smart home to your requirements, whether it's one smart device or a collection of smart products.

    Choose a Voice Assistant if…

    you want help with organisation, information or to improve your productivity. You can ask Alexa or Google Home to play your favourite songs too.

    Choose smart appliances if…

    you want a notification that your washing has finished, or to see the inside of the fridge when you’re out at the shops. Many brands such as Samsung have a range of appliances with built in connectivity.

    Choose a smart device if…

    you want a Ring doorbell so you never miss a parcel when you're out at work, or Philips Hue light bulbs if you want to make it look like you're at home when you're on holiday.

    Or read our buying guide

    This handy guide is full of suggestions on where to start your smart collection. With these in your home, your life will become easier by the second.

    On a chilly morning, the last thing you want to do is leave the warmth of your bed. Well, by transforming your house into a smart home, you’ll be able to turn up the heating and switch on the lights and radio with just a few taps, leaving you to enjoy those extra 5 minutes under the covers. Bliss.

    Many appliances are now WiFi enabled, so ‘smart tech’ has become so much more than just switching on a few lights from your phone. From transforming your kitchen to changing your life, check out some of our handy articles that dive a little deeper into all the amazing possibilities smart tech offers.

    Smart Tech for...

    Work Life Balance

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    Family Connection

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    Keeping Your Home Secure

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    Solving Problems

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    When you buy a new piece of smart tech, you’ll need to set it up. Most will require you to install an app on your phone to control it.

    If you’re buying multiple products then ideally, you want to make sure they’re compatible with each other. If they’re not, you can use a handy system like SmartThings, to ensure multiple things can still work together. This clever app connects them together, letting you control it all from one place so you only need to use one app day to day. It gives you the flexibility to build your smart home at your convenience by adding your favourite products from your most trusted brands and linking them together.

    You can make sure that all’s well from the sofa, by checking any smart camera footage from your phone, or ask your voice assistant to turn up the heating as SmartThings is compatible with hundreds of devices.

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    How to connect your smart tech

    Check out our short videos that’ll talk you through each step towards a fully connected smart home

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