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    What type of coffee are you?

    Take our quick quiz to see what kind of coffee drinker you really are.

    It’s a Monday morning and you are about to start another week at work. How do you feel?

    Alarm clock

    I’m ready to tackle things as they come

    I just want to get it all done as quickly as possible

    I’m taking it easy

    Whatever happens, I’m going to look my best doing it

    What does your dream bed look like?

    Wake up

    I’ll sleep anywhere

    Sleep? Who needs sleep!

    The softest duvet, the fluffiest pillows and the thickest mattress

    Something simple and stylish

    Which of the below do you most look for in a partner?

    Dinner time chat

    Someone who appreciates the simple things

    Someone who can keep up with my lifestyle

    Someone I can relax with

    Someone fun and trendy

    It’s time to organise a night out with your friends. What role do you take?

    Party dancing

    I’m the leader of the group and what I say goes

    I don’t even know if I can make it with my busy schedule

    I’m happy to go with the flow

    I don’t mind, as long as we end up somewhere glamorous

    You’re out at your favourite restaurant. What do you order?

    Evening chat

    A classic dish

    The most popular dish on the menu

    Something rich and tasty

    The chef special with all the trimmings

    You’re heading to the shops to update your wardrobe. What do you buy?


    Functional yet stylish items are my bag

    Whatever I spot first so I can get out of the shop as fast as possible

    I splash the cash on the best items on the rails

    Trendy outfits which fit the latest style craze

    Your Results

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    Mostly D's
    If you're a mix