I create recipes for a living and adore food. I adore trying new recipes and when I was pregnant I was convinced that because I had looked up toddler food and baby-led weaning then it was all going to go incredibly well, think again. What I learned was that children live in a dichotomy of complete trust and mistrust. They trust that you are the person who can without a doubt protect them from the monster under the bed when they call you at 2, 3 and 4am, but they mistrust you when it comes to believing that you have not laced their food with poison.

Completely crestfallen that my children would not be ‘those’ fussy kids by simply giving them food, a cook, and they will come philosophy I decided to go back to the drawing board. What I have since found is that children were completely detached from the process of food, for them it was just stuff appearing on their plates. They needed to take ownership of what they were putting in their bodies by growing and cooking with me. I went from having 2 very fussy children to having children who request kale and carrot burgers.

You do not need a huge amount of space to successfully grow food, there are crops that can be grown in hanging baskets, containers, bins or a square foot raised bed. We start our seeds on windowsills Once they are on board with phase one you can have an open dialogue about what foods need different conditions and why we have to buy them.


That rounds up eight reliable crops that you can grow in even the smallest of spaces and will get children to eat just about anything. If you are looking to get serious about growing food with children researching vertical gardening and square foot gardening is a great place to start and will make the most of the space you have and still leave you with enough garden for little ones to play in.


By Nicolette Lafonseca on 07.09.20

Guest Contributor

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