This year marks 60 years since the legendary Fanny Cradock first appeared on our screens and 25 years since the first ever Masterchef episode aired. To mark this special occasion, here at we decided to conduct a survey to find out who the nation’s favourite TV food personalities are.

From Fanny in the 50’s, Delia Smith in the mid-70’s, Keith Floyd in the 80’s and the discovery of Jamie, Nigella and Gordon in the 90’s, to shows such as Ready Steady Cook 20 years ago, and the smash hit of today: the Great British Bake Off, food on TV has been not only a massive ratings success, but also hugely influential when it comes to what we cook and eat.


So today we’ve rounded up the top ten TV food personalities and are sneaking a peak at the kitchens they spend their time in.



According to the survey it seems that we’’re not just emulating the dishes we see on our favourite foodie programmes, but the kitchens and appliances we see as well. More than a quarter of us have bought a new kitchen appliance as a result of seeing it on a TV food programme.  One in ten have adapted or restyled their entire kitchen after being inspired by their favourite chef’’s kitchen.

Which kitchen is your favourite? Have you taken any inspiration from a celebrity chef’s kitchen?


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By Amy Marsden on 03.09.15

Guest Contributor

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