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What Is Virtual Reality?

Ever wanted to dance on the moon? Play Frisbee with a tiger? Go swimming with Albert Einstein? How about if you could do all of that and more in your own home? Well, you can. With the help of some pretty nifty tech, Virtual Reality lets you mentally and physically experience things that don’t really exist. We can hear your minds blowing; try and keep it together while we explain further…

Virtual Reality. Say what?!

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fully immersive, computer-created environment that gives the user the mental and physical feeling of being in that environment, instead of the one they’re actually living and breathing in. Phew. How is this different to playing a regular video game? Looking at a painting? Or reading a book? All of these things give you a glimpse of a different time or a different world, but they’re not quite Virtual Reality…

The 3 point Virtual Reality plan

Virtual Reality has to be:

  • Realistic – whether it’s Saturn or Southport, you brain and body need to be made feel like they’re in that virtual world the whole time
  • Interactive – as you move around, the environment has to move with you and needs to be big and detailed enough for you to wander around and explore
  • Computer-generated – only computers are powerful enough to produce 3D graphics that are fast enough to create realistic and interactive experiences

As you can see, there’s a huge difference between immersive Virtual Reality and the feeling and imagination that’s inspired by looking at a painting, playing a video game or reading a book.

Virtual Reality starter pack

One of the most popular ways to experience Virtual Reality is with a VR headset. These clever little devices use a stereoscopic display to make everything appear in 3D. But, the ability to track the user’s head and eye movement is where true immersion comes into play. Some headsets even come with built-in speakers and sensors for your hands so you can hear and touch. Getting real, isn’t it?!

What's next?

So, maybe we were overstating things as they currently stand when we were dreaming about playing Frisbee with a tiger earlier. But, with technology updating faster than we can finish this article, the future is bright. Soon, we’ll be able to walk, talk and interact with these environments – true Virtual Reality!