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What is a Curved TV?

Take a look at everything you need to know about curved TVs, including what they are and how they deliver the most immersive view.

To some people, curved TVs are something you’d imagine in the home of tomorrow. But the future of television is here folks, and curved TVs are leading the way. These curved models deliver better colours, an incredible immersive view and so much more. So take a seat, grab the popcorn and let us bend your ear on everything you need to know about curved TVs.

Immerse yourself

Curved TVs are designed to give you the most immersive experience you can get outside of the cinema. They’re designed to match the natural curve of your eyes, with the edges of the screen tilted closer to you. This is perfect for wrapping you in the action of your favourite films, or making you feel like you’re pitch-side watching the football. The curved screen also gives an equal viewing distance from all angles of the TV, so it can help reduce strain on your eyes. Plus, they look a bit cool, don’t they?

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Sharp as a tack

You can also get better looking images with a curved TV. Sometimes, regular flat screens can lose some of the detail around the edges. Curved TVs are designed to be just like cinema screens, which make sure larger images stay crisp and packed full of incredible detail. So dim the lights, stock up on the snacks and have a proper cinematic night in!

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Turn up the contrast

The unique shape of curved TVs makes colours look better than ever. Any light is aimed directly at you instead of being scattered around the room, which results in a richer contrast giving you amazingly vivid colours. Match this with a HDR enabled curved TV and you’ll end up with an incredibly realistic picture.

What is HDR?