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The sound on my TV isn’t working

If the sound suddenly goes from your television, you don’t need to panic. It’s usually a simple fix to get your audio back up and running. Follow these easy steps so you won’t have to learn how to lip-read to know what’s going on in your favourite shows.

Is it muted?

This might be a bit obvious but someone may have pressed the mute button by accident and not realised. Not all TVs have a mute symbol displayed on the screen, so it can be an easy mistake to make. It’s quick to check, just press the Mute button on your remote and if there’s still no sound, press it again to set it back to normal.

Check your inputs

Is the audio only missing when you’re watching TV with Sky or Freeview? Or when you’re using a DVD player or games console? Make sure to test your set with another device to see if the problem might not be the TV itself. Press the Source button on your remote to change the input, and see if there’s any sound coming out. If the audio is only a problem for one device, it’s more likely that to be causing the issue.

At the back of your TV, make sure that all the cables are connected properly. They should all be inserted fully into the television and they shouldn’t be loose at the back of the device.

If the cables are secure, try unplugging both the device and the TV. Wait a few seconds, then plug in your TV. Once it’s fully switched on, plug in the device. Resetting the device this way will often fix any sound issues.

Is it your soundbar?

If you have a soundbar, your audio problems could be with this device. Disconnect it and try playing sound out of the TV. If your TV works fine, you’ll know the issues are with your soundbar.

If it’s connected to your TV with cables, check these are secure. They should be fully inserted into the TV, and shouldn’t be loose at either end.

If your device is connected through WiFi or Bluetooth, give it a quick reset by turning it off and on again. If you’re still having trouble, then call the manufacturer of your soundbar for more solutions for your model.

Contact the manufacturer

If you’re still having trouble, try checking the product manual. It’ll likely have more specific solutions for your model. If you can’t find it, or you still can’t fix the issue, try giving the manufacturer a call. They’ll be able to talk you through any further ideas. Check out the link below for a list of manufacturers’ numbers.