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My TV won’t turn on

Find out what to do if your TV won’t turn on with our simple troubleshooting guide

You’ve finally got your feet up after a long day, you want to watch your favourite show, but the TV won’t turn on. Nightmare! We want to help you get it back on as soon as possible and this troubleshooting guide will take you through a variety of potential fixes so you can enjoy your favourite shows again.

Check all connections

There’s a chance that one or more cables may have come loose or completely disconnected. Have a look around and make sure everything is plugged in properly, particularly the power lead. Once you’ve had a quick once over of the TV itself, make sure the plug is fully in the socket and that it’s switched on. Some TVs might have more than one power switch, make sure they are all turned on.

Plugged out

Try moving the TV power plug to a different socket. It might be a problem with the socket rather than the TV itself. If this doesn’t work, it’s likely that the fuse has blown. We would recommend getting a qualified electrician to take a look for you.

Contact the manufacturer

If you’re still having trouble, try checking the product manual. It’ll likely have more specific solutions for your model. If you can’t find it, or you still can’t fix the issue, try giving the manufacturer a call. They’ll be able to talk you through any further ideas. Check out the link below for a list of manufacturers’ numbers.