In collaboration with Hotpoint, AO set out to break down the most common food myths we’ve been told at least once in our lives. More than half of the two thousand respondents said they were told one of these old wives tales by their mum, with a further 1 in 3 people revealing it was passed down by their grandparents.

David Lawson, managing director of, said,

“The research shows how many old wives’ tales we believe while growing up with our food and it’s fair to say these influences mostly come from our family.”

So… Does bread last longer when stored in the fridge? Can you get rid of a cold with chicken soup? Is your amazing night vision down to an overload of carrots?


The survey also highlighted that just twenty-four per cent of people cook with fresh ingredients every day; this was mainly put down to leading a busy lifestyle. David Lawson adds,

“What is surprising to see in the research though is how little people cook with fresh ingredients at home. There are so many cooking appliances to choose from to help make life that little bit easier and get people to enjoy cooking at home again.”




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Becca Monaghan

By Becca Monaghan on 20.02.20

Guest Contributor

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