Sometimes, it can feel like a chore to make culinary creations from scratch and we often opt for shop-bought for convenience. What if there was something that made mealtimes and snack prep run smoother and almost… fun? We ask Steph of @plant.steph to delve into the wonders of the Magimix Food Processor. 

As an avid meal prepper, it can be stressful at times so naturally, I wanted to find a solution to make my evenings and weekends feel effortless. I don’t know about you, but deliveries excite me which brings no surprise that on Friday afternoon, my life became that little bit better.


Food processors are handy gadgets with ease and convenience front of mind. While there are stripped-back versions on the market with the basic accessories for your everyday culinary needs, some models like the Magimix comes with twelve special attachments including a chopping blade, egg whisk, citrus press and dough handle.



So with a high-performing machine, an array of accessories and a free recipe book included, it’s time to get your apron on and get inventive in the kitchen!


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    Slicing and Dicing Your Veg 

    In most cases, food prep can take more time than cooking the meal itself.

    The changeable blades will help you shave off a notable amount of time in the kitchen as it lets you quickly prepare your frequently used vegetables (i.e. onions) which you can then store in the fridge for future use.


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    Nut butter

    Create your own butter without added nasties all in the press of a button!

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    Berry Chia Spread

    Switch up your toast topping with your very own homemade berry chia spread using 3 simple ingredients: blueberries, strawberries and chia seeds.

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    Fresh Juices

    Whether you fancy fresh orange juice to accompany your Sunday breakfast or maybe grapefruit juice is your go-to beverage, the citrus press accessory makes it easier than ever to create freshly squeezed juices.


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    Using ingredients that are already in your cupboard, you can make delicious pancakes effortlessly with your food processor.

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    Overnight Oats

    Flavoursome, healthy and filling, overnight oats are a quick win. While they’re easy to make, they are also a great on-the-go snack.

I find that hummus is the ultimate test to see whether the blending mechanisms live up to expectations – it’s also my all-time favourite snack! In the past, I’ve found that the smoothness can be challenging to achieve as some appliances can leave an unwanted crunch.

To make the carrot hummus, I added in all the ingredients: chickpeas, carrots, garlic paste, tahini, chilli oil and spices – fastened the lid and simply pressed ‘AUTO’.

What surprised me the most is the quietness of the machine; generally, when you chuck in chickpeas machine let out a roar as it blends away. It’s safe to say my older processor has now been delegated to the kitchen cupboard. The quiet motor is perfect for me as I am constantly conscious of noise due to the paper-thin walls in my flat.


After having it blend for just 2 minutes, I pressed ‘STOP’ and took the lid off to see just how smooth it had got. I expected it to still have some chunks left and to pulse some more to my surprise the hummus was already made to perfection! It was smooth, creamy and the tastiest carrot hummus I have made to-date!


The design of the food processor is simple and sleek, fitting perfectly into any kitchen. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also super easy to set up and makes a great addition to the kitchen. All I needed to do was plug it in, pick my bowl size and choice the blade I wanted to use.

 An added bonus, when purchased through AO before 12th March, you can claim a free Spiral Expert and Digital Scales worth £170!


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Becca Monaghan

By Becca Monaghan on 10.03.20

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