Customer Reviews — Miele Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

Customer Reviews — Miele Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

Miele H2265-1B Built In Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated
  • Large 76l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
  • Oven heats up rapidly so there's no need to preheat
  • Precise temperature control for incredible results
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use
4.8 / 5


Fantastic Electric Oven. Needed an Oven that would allow me to have the same electrics without having to change over to a 13amp. I'm still using the BIG red switch (32amp) and I have to say this oven is the one to go for when considering set up. This oven operates better when pre heated. This can take between 5 to 10mins depending on the meal being warmed up. I used to just turn on the oven, whack in the food and leave to warm through. I tried that with this oven and it just resulted in longer cooking times. So, we now pre-heat and stick to the cook times as per norm. The temp is seen via the digital screen and is turned up or down with the dial on the right. A lot of oven features with the left dial but I've only used the Oven (two lines) and the grill (3 stars). Overall a great addition to our kitchen. Food being cooked is on point.
Opinder Sangha

Great product so far

Product arrived promptly, love the retractable controls and overall look. Yet to fit so can’t comment on effectiveness. Only reason not getting a 5* from me is the plastic and polystyrene packaging.

Good uncomplicated oven but with useful functions.

Good well constructed oven with 'Made in Germany' on the information plate. It is heavy and arrived strapped to a small pallet and was easy to fit but we have a gas hob and had to have the gas pipe slightly adjusted to accommodate this oven, the top of the oven does have a step in it at the back but not as much as our previous oven had. Because of it's fast heat up (it is really quick) and other higher current demands the oven requires a 16 Amp electrical supply so a dedicated circuit is needed and not a spur of the 13 Amp ring main circuit. The oven sadly only comes with one shelf and one roasting / grilling tray (but we did purchase another shelf on line). The interior is slightly larger than our previous oven and seems to be much more efficient when cooking, there are choices of top heating, bottom heating and fan assisted heating. It also has self cleaning liners to make life easier. My wife loves the simple controls; the clock / timer is the easiest to use that I have found on any oven - it's always when the clocks go forward or back that you discover this! As the oven heats up the rising temperature is displayed on the front panel until the selected temperature has been reached plus the internal fan will continue to run when the oven is cooling. The door is triple glazed and gets warm but not too hot so would be safer with young children around (when supervised). We have a few Miele appliances in our home and although sometimes can be a little pricey they are sturdy and pretty well made, so hopefully will last. We haven't had the oven very long but It's very well liked in our kitchen already.
David Stroud

Thoroughly recommend

You know you’re getting old when you get excited about an oven. Love the speed at which it heats up and my cakes now rise perfectly due to the even heat distribution. Thoroughly recommend this product.


I chose to switch from Siemens to a Miele oven and microwave, one because I’m fortunate enough to be able to and secondly because I was very disappointed with my Siemens appliances. The new appliances are very good indeed. They have significantly updated the kitchen and perform as I would have expected Miele appliances to be. I had also previously updated my washing machine, fridge and freezers for Miele appliances, couldn’t be happier. ?? Need to say that a.o. are a first class company for purchase, delivery and the removal of old products. Katherine
Katherine Fingleton AFBPsS

Perfect idea

Great and best I ever have before .

Miele electric oven

Absolutely superb oven. Have only just had it installed and used it a couple of times but the functions available are very useful.
Sharon Phillips

Quality product

Quality product as you would expect from Miele
Jonny Coniston