Juices and smoothies are all the range at the moment and we’ve definitely started to embrace this new way of eating for a healthier lifestyle. By now most kitchens tend to be home to some sort of blender but can we actually use them to create a wide variety of tasty treats as opposed to simply creating healthy drinks?

We’ve come up with four alternative recipes to show you how to really get the most out of your Nutribullet. With easy to find ingredients these recipes are super quick and so simple to create.


Avocado and Cucumber Facemask

Here’s how you can create a quick and easy facemask using natural ingredients that your skin will absolutely love!

Granola Bars

Your Nutribullet isn’t just capable of making smoothies and juices, you can create granola bars too! These make a great alternative, healthy snack when you’re feeling a tad peckish.

Tomato Soup

Here’s how you can create a delicious, healthy soup that’s perfect for both lunch and dinner!

Blueberry Sorbet

Here’s how you can create a really quick, simple and delicious sorbet that’s perfect for a little summertime treat.

These are just a couple of the alternative ways you could put your Nutribullet to good use as opposed to just simply creating all of the those delicious smoothies and juices, I hope you enjoy giving them a try!


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By Amy Marsden on 11.05.16

Guest Contributor

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